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Tips for the “D-Dominant” Personality Style …

tips to remember for the D-Dominant personality style

Remember … if you have strong D-Dominant traits (or are in “D-mode”):

  1. Use softer tones. Using firm or intense tones while speaking can create a challenge for those who prefer to communicate in a less intense way. Softer tones can make others feel more comfortable speaking with you.
  2. Give people time to process and think. While you prefer being action-oriented while making decisions quickly, others may be more reserved and require time to  think  things through. Some people need time to process feelings, adjust to changes or get comfortable with a situation. It will require some patience on your part, but you will gain much more cooperation in the long run.
  3. Don’t push. Many people will resist, shut down or disengage if they feel like they are being pushed to make decisions or take action. Smiling can go a long way to make people feel comfortable. Encouraging others and working alongside others can be very well received.

Tips for the “I-Inspiring” Personality Style …

Tips to remember for the I-Inspiring personality style

Remember … if you have strong I-Inspiring traits (or are in “I-mode”):

  1. Get organized! It can be a challenge to get and stay organized if you are involved in a million things. Here is a simple way to be more organized … make a list! We have heard Dr. Rohm (also an “I” personality style) say many times that “a short pencil is better than a long memory.” Working off of a list will help you to not forget important things that might otherwise get lost in your busy life.
  2. Stay focused! You might get organized, but staying focused is its own challenge. Each item on your list needs some time and attention – in other words, some focus. We suggest that you use your list and keep it with you.  Your list can have anything (or anyone) on it that is important to you. Pick one item on your list. Focus on it for an hour or two. As the saying goes, inch-by-inch, it is a cinch. Yard-by-yard, it’s hard.
  3. Be credible. This is a really-really-really important tip. Really! If you want to foster good relationships with others, it will be largely determined by how much they feel that they can count on you doing what you say you will do. D-Dominant personality styles will expect you to do what you say immediately (like yesterday). You’ll make a great impression if you jump right on a task. D’s love that. C-Cautious personalty styles may not expect you to follow through right away, but they will want you to do exactly what you said since that is their expectation. You can delight them by meeting every checkbox on their mental list. S-Supportive personality styles will really appreciate having a sense that they can trust you. That is what being a friend is all about.

Tips for the “S-Supportive” Personality Style …

tips for the s-supportive disc personality style

Remember … if you have strong S-Supportive traits (or are in “S-mode”):

  1. Be Confident! You may already be confident in many ways, but it can also be helpful to convey your confidence to others. When you are sure of yourself (and show it), then others can better understand you. Your thoughts and feelings are just as important as anyone else’s are. There is nothing wrong with being firm at times or saying “no” when necessary. It may feel uncomfortable to do so, but you will be helping yourself and everyone else by communicating more openly.
  2. Challenges are OK! Most people do not like challenges or problems. You probably do not either. However, challenges are normal and part of everyday life. They actually help us to become stronger, more resolute, more creative and more solution-oriented. In other words, challenges help us grow. If you can view challenges as being more of a friend than an enemy, then you will be more able to face challenges when they comethem. The path to a better situation is almost always through a challenge rather than around one.
  3. FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real! We all know that fear is real. The point here is that most of what we fear is not based on reality. Most of what we fear is based on what could happen yet never comes to pass. So, rather than focusing on what is not real or what is only hypothetical, choose to focus on what is reality. Most of what we fear is only imagined or based on the unknown. What is true now? Do not let irrational feelings about the future control what you do today. Take one day at a time .

Tips for the “C-Cautious” Personality Style …

tips to remember for the c-cautious personality style

Remember … if you have strong C-Cautious traits (or are in “C-mode”):

  1. Don’t overdo details. You like details. You are good at details. That is terrific. The fact is that many people are not detail-oriented or prefer not to spend the mental energy it takes to process information. Some people get “information overload” very quickly. It is not always easy to know how much detail is “just right.” It’s usually better to be concise and summarize the main idea of what you are trying to communicate. At that point you can ask if the other person has more questions. That way, you are giving the other person an opportunity to let you know if they have enough detail to satisfy them. The mindset of some people is “I just need an answer, I don’t need an explanation.” That is not how your mind works, but it is how the mind of many others work.
  2. Remember the person, not just the task. C-personality styles are mainly task-oriented. That usually means that the task at hand often becomes the highest priority – even when there are also implications related to people that are involved. You can see where this is going. Always be aware of and considerate of those around you so that you can have more balance in life. It is rarely worth accomplishing a task if another person feels left out, unappreciated or not considered in the process.
  3. Smile! Yes, you can relax. Smiling will make you feel better and will make those around you feel more comfortable as well. Suggestion: Try smiling each time you meet someone today and watch how they respond. I think you will be amazed at how many of them smile back or respond in some positive way. They will wonder what you are up to! If they say, “what are you smiling about?,” just say, “I know something you don’t!” It will be our little secret.

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