Tip: Your personality style will be affected by the coronavirus!


We have been experiencing unprecedented times. All of us have had a “new normal” come into our life, at least for now. No one knows when this will end, nor how long all of this will last.

Most of you know I own a training company that specializes in teaching team building skill and personal productivity based on people correctly understanding personality information. This is the information I taught to the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team that led them to winning the World Series in 2001. Your personality is that part of you that causes you to feel, think and act the way you do. This Tip is not meant to be a scientific treatise on that topic, but rather a practical guide to help you during this challenging time to connect better with family, friends and business associates.

In case you are not familiar with the 4 primary personality types, here is a quick overview of each type and a quick, “snap-shot” example of each type  (and remember every person has some of all 4 of these qualities in his or her own unique personality style):

The “D” Dominant type – outgoing and task-oriented – Donald Trump

The “I”Inspiring type – outgoing and people-oriented – Steve Harvey

The “S”Supportive type – reserved and people-oriented – Mr. Rogers

The “C”Cautious type – reserved and task-oriented – Bill Gates

Here is how each different style is probably handling the current situation:

The “D” type personality (Dominant, Direct, Decisive Doer). Have you ever been to the zoo and seen a tiger walking back and forth in their cage? There is just one thing on that creature’s mind, “How can I get out of this situation and go do what I want to do?” They feel somewhat “trapped” because they are not getting the results they want to accomplish in their daily life. However, this situation has not stopped them from trying to move forward in whatever venture they now find themselves. This personality style is probably having the most difficulty of all during this “shut-down” time. They dream big dreams and want to accomplish big goals quickly and right now that just isn’t happening. Too many normal processes have been interrupted or disconnected, and they feel they have lost control. The good news, however, for this type, is rather than being frustrated by what they cannot control, they will find something productive to do during this time which may turn out to be the solution of a major problem for the whole world! The sooner we can get all of this “unnecessary interruption” behind us, the better off all of us will be! Tomorrow couldn’t be too soon! Let’s go!

The “I” type personality (Inspiring, Influencing, Interactive, Impressive). Have you ever been to a ball game or a restaurant full of people laughing and having fun? For now, most of that is gone! This personality style thrives on social interaction and often need recognition and right now that just isn’t happening. They love interactivity with people so during this time of being away from extended family, friends and crowds can sometimes cause them to feel a loss of energy or even depression. Because of their outgoing nature they may feel “cut off” or “stuck in a rut”, like this situation will never end. They are most likely spending a lot of time talking on the phone (facetime preferred) or Facebook, or a Zoom call. When that happens, their energy level picks up and they suddenly come alive!

The “S” type personality (Supportive, Sweet, Shy, Submissive). They think they may have died and gone to heaven. The “rush” of everyday life has suddenly come to a screeching halt! Time has suddenly shifted in their favor. However, they may secretly feel bad or even guilty that they feel good right now about things slowing down a little bit. The world is always going too fast for them anyway, so now they feel like they can finally catch up! They seem to care more about relationships than any of the other types, so staying connected with family and friends in a safe manner is important to them. They feel terrible that other people are sick and dying. They will be the first ones to provide food or medical supplies or anything else they can do to help others get well. They truly have big hearts and genuinely want everyone to be protected from danger during this time.

The “C” type personality (Cautious, Calculating, Competent, Correct). They think being alone and continuing to work on their computer without much social interaction is actually a perfect scenario for success. To them, the way the world is performing right now actually makes the most amount of logical sense. They are concerned about keeping the economy going and moving forward in a correct manner. Their attitude is: do your duty, stay focused on what you are doing, wash your hands, be careful what you do and say (especially what you put in writing), plan your work then work your plan. What’s wrong with all of that? Because of their strong sense of being right they are extremely disappointed that this entire situation occurred in the first place, simply because of the careless nature of some people. They love daily reports from health care professionals or physicians or scientist who can give accurate, detailed, proven, scientific information. The more information, the better! They know it will be the smart people who will get us out of this situation.

Again, let me reiterate that everyone has some of all 4 personality types in his or her unique personality style blend. However, we all are different to a certain degree, so knowing how other people are “wired” will help go a long way in having good connections during this time as well as during “normal” times. I believe the secret to good, healthy relationships is seeking first to understand before wanting to be understood. That is the key formula in sales, in business, in marriage, in any personal relationships, in raising children and in life. “I care more about you than I do my own opinion!”

This week why not consider the fact we are all different. Take the time to receive different personality styles rather than resisting them. You may see something about another person you will begin to celebrate rather than tolerate! If you want to get something different than what you have been getting, you have to do something different than what you have been doing. Now would be a great time to put that concept into practice.

Share this Tip with a friend and ask them which trait they believe is their strongest trait and which trait might be their biggest challenge. Maybe that conversation will get you better connected to another person during this period of time. People are looking for things to do to occupy their time. What better way to connect with another person than to ask them to tell you more about them! You will be glad you did! So will they!

Tip: Your personality style will be affected by the coronavirus!

Have a great week! God bless you!

Dr. Robert A. Rohm

Dr. Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D.

Dr. Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D.

Top selling author and speaker, Robert Rohm Ph.D. is founder of Personality Insights Inc. and The Robert Rohm Co. As you will see, Dr. Rohm specializes in helping people better understand themselves and others.