Tip: Your challenges can become your marketing plan!


Most of you have heard of King Solomon. He was one of the wisest men who ever lived. He was the author of the ancient wisdom book called Proverbs. I have read it many, many times and continue to do so. There is more practical, applicable and useful information in the writings and wisdom of Solomon than you can find almost anywhere else in the world. I am constantly amazed at how fresh, current and valuable the wisdom is that is found in that book. Every time I read it, it sounds alive, like it was written recently, to give me insight and guidance on a particular situation. Perhaps you have had that same experience. There are 31 chapters in Proverbs and 31 days in many months. Why not read 1 chapter every day for 31 days and you will begin to see what life is all about from a wisdom perspective! Just read the corresponding chapter to the same date of the month and you will be right on track!

When Solomon first was seeking wisdom, he was faced with a huge dilemma. It seems that two prostitutes had each given birth to a baby on the same day. In the night, one of the women accidentally rolled over on her child and smothered it. When she discovered what she had done, she quickly exchanged her lifeless child for the other woman’s living one. When morning came, the other woman woke to the horror of finding her lifeless child lying next to her. She was distraught until she looked closer at the baby and realized that a switch had taken place. When she confronted the first woman, a fight ensued with each woman claiming ownership of the living child. Since no agreement could be made, eventually the situation was brought before King Solomon for him to decide the case.

Now, before I go any further in this story, can you imagine a problem like this being brought before a king or president today? Rulers and presidents in this day and age have bigger problems than that to solve! And, even in that ancient time, women were not highly valued, so this situation between two “ladies of the evening” seemed a rather insignificant problem to bring before the king. However, Solomon listened to the case and handed down his decision.

King Solomon ordered a sword to be brought to him. When asked what he intended to do with the sword, he said that he would cut the living child in two and give each woman half of the baby. The first woman amazingly agreed, but the second woman – the real mother of the living child – begged the king not to do it. She pleaded instead that he would allow the baby to live and he could go ahead and give it to the first woman. Because of her frantic response, Solomon then realized that she was indeed the baby’s mother and gave the child to its rightful owner.

Afterwards, that story of Solomon’s decision spread like wildfire throughout the land. I bet you have already heard that story at some point earlier in your life! I doubt very seriously he knew how that incident would promote him into world-wide fame and notoriety. He quickly became known for wisdom and good counsel. “This situation requires the wisdom of Solomon”, is still an expression we hear to this very day!

I find this story to be incredibly insightful. What business challenge are you facing today? What is the situation that you find to be unbelievably irritating? What situation are you dealing with that you simply do not want to deal with because it is a huge inconvenience or waste of time to you or your business? I find that it is that very situation upon which you need to focus because if you can learn how to deal with that challenge or problem effectively, it will not be long before word will spread that you know what you are doing. People will begin seeing you as a source for solutions and pay for your services. It is called, “letting your problems promote you!” The bigger and more complex the problems are which you can solve, the more business will head your way.

I look at every situation that comes into my personal life and business as an opportunity for me to learn and grow. That is how I become a bigger and better person. I do not want to eliminate or ignore seemingly insignificant problems. I want to be able to look at each challenge as an opportunity and a learning experience. I want to be able to solve a problem which will enhance my own personal growth as well as my business acumen.

I find that very few people want to deal with problems. They prefer to pass them on to someone else or worse yet, blame another person. However, if you will learn to be a problem-solver, it will not be long before your marketing strategy and business skills will begin to grow. I have seen this work for me many times and it will work for you, too. It will work for anyone who wants to become wiser by learning from daily challenges.

The wisdom of King Solomon is not just an interesting fairy-tale that happened a long time ago. It is practical, applicable, duplicatable and useable “insider information!” If you will deal with the situations you face on a daily basis with wisdom, it will not be long before your own challenges will show you how to create new doors of opportunity which may lead to your own fame spreading throughout the land as well!

Tip: Your challenges can become your marketing plan!

Have a great week! God bless you!

Dr. Robert A. Rohm

Dr. Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D.

Dr. Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D.

Top selling author and speaker, Robert Rohm Ph.D. is founder of Personality Insights Inc. and The Robert Rohm Co. As you will see, Dr. Rohm specializes in helping people better understand themselves and others.