Tip: Use the 3 Keys to Success!

tip: use the 3 keys to success

Donald Trump was recently being interviewed on a TV program I was watching. Most of us have seen “The Donald” rise from being a real estate developer in New York City to becoming a movie-star with his own hit show, “The Apprentice.” The next step will probably be his announcement to run for President of the United States!

He was asked, “What is the key to your business success?” I was curious to see how he would respond to the question. He said that everything in business had taught him that in order to be successful in life three things are required: to work hard, never quit, and love what you do.

I reflected on those three things and thought that each one of them made a great deal of sense. However, I would like to expound on them briefly.

1) Work hard

When we work hard at anything, it has a better chance of succeeding. I am sure that you have heard the saying, “Work smarter, not harder.” However, working “smarter” often also involves working “harder”. I know very few successful people who did not put in many long, hard hours.

I think it was Abraham Lincoln who once said, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” It has also been noted that “good luck” occurs when hard work crosses the path of opportunity!

2) Never quit

Never being willing to quit is of paramount importance. We have all faced times in our lives when we wanted to quit. Sometimes the situation or circumstances get so unbearable we just want to throw in the towel. It is human to grow weary in well-doing. I do not think there is anything wrong with wanting to quit. However, I do think there is something greatly wrong with actually quitting.

Someone once noted that the darkest hour is just before dawn. It is always too early to quit! If we just go a little further, dig a little deeper, try a little harder, and never give up, we are sure to come out stronger and better on the other side.

Most of us are familiar with Winston Churchill’s famous speech that he gave years ago to a graduating class. He stood up and said, “Never, never, never, never, never, never quit.” Then he sat down. Although it was a very short speech, it has been remembered throughout the ages. He made his point by simply reminding us to – “Never quit!”

3) Love what you do

Enjoying what you do is really the icing on the cake. I do not think that most of us start off in a career we enjoy. It often takes some time, through trial and error, to discover what we really enjoy doing. When we do find the secret that “rings our bell” and brings us great enjoyment, I believe we should pursue it with all of our heart and strength. After all, if you love what you do and do what you love, everyday feels like a vacation!

It literally breaks my heart when I consider how many people go to work every day to a job they do not like, next to people they cannot get along with, in order to receive a paycheck. Life is too short to waste it by doing something that illogical!

If you find yourself in that position, I would NOT suggest that you immediately quit your job and launch out into the “unknown” without first taking the time to look into other possibilities. However, when you do find something that you love, I would encourage you to pursue it with all of your heart. Again, it is worth repeating, if you love what you do and you do what you love, every day feels like a vacation. That is a powerful position in which to experience in life.

I am pretty sure that all of this wisdom did not originate with Donald Trump. I believe wisdom like this is something all of us can find when we are looking to see things we know are true in our heart, then search for them, find them and put them into practice.  We will be rewarded greatly for our efforts.

This week, I encourage you to incorporate these three keys to success into your every day living. You will be the one rewarded for doing it!

Tip: Use the 3 Keys to Success!

 Have a great week!  God bless you!  

Dr. Robert A. Rohm

Dr. Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D.

Dr. Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D.

Top selling author and speaker, Robert Rohm Ph.D. is founder of Personality Insights Inc. and The Robert Rohm Co. As you will see, Dr. Rohm specializes in helping people better understand themselves and others.