Tip: It is how you think that makes you money!

it is how you think that makes you money

Money is a tool. It is simply a method of exchange. It is one way that we vote. When we spend our money at a particular establishment we are saying, “I vote for you.” Perhaps you have heard all of these ideas and more. I especially like what I once heard from Zig Ziglar, “Money isn’t everything, but it is close to oxygen!”

We should not worship money. It should never be an idol in our life or a god to which we bow down. However, nearly everything that we do is affected by it in some way.

I have found it extremely helpful to recognize that money is directly related to my heart and my attitude. Perhaps you have heard the quote, “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” That is exactly what I am talking about. I have noticed that whenever I have put money in a particular investment, my heart suddenly becomes closely linked to that situation. If you doubt that concept, then bet $100 this week on your favorite team’s game. Watch what happens to your interest level!

The way we handle our money is simply an outward expression of an inward attitude. It has been said that if you look at a person’s checkbook, you will be able to see where their priorities lie. I believe that is true.

The Bible has often been misquoted as saying that money is the root of all evil. The verse actually says, “The love of money is the root of all evil.”

I like to think of finances as a tool. It is the means by which I am able to do the things I want to do. If I use my resources wisely, I will have the freedom or tools to go places and do more that will benefit me and others. To be painted into a corner financially and have limited options is not wise. It is better to have options and freedom. But, with that freedom also comes a greater sense of responsibility. Art Linkletter once said, “I have had everything and I have had nothing. Everything is better!”

Someone has wisely noted that there is more information in the scriptures about money than perhaps any other topic. That is because God wisely knows how everything we do so closely relates to that subject. Our heart and our finances are closely linked together.

I recently read one author who believes that this whole issue can be boiled down to two different mindsets. One mindset says, “I cannot afford that.” The other says, “How can I afford that?” To think, “I can’t afford that”, immediately closes the mind and limits a person’s options. But if the question becomes, “How can I afford that?” then the mind is immediately opened up to see many other possibilities. Again, you see, it is how you think that makes you money.

Let me encourage you this week to take a closer look at your mindset and attitude towards your finances. You will never prosper in any area of life in which you do not pay attention. Perhaps writing down your specific thoughts about money will help to clarify and crystallize your view towards it and actually cause you to prosper and be a better steward in that area. It certainly hope that will be the case!

Tip: It is how you think that makes you money!

Have a great week! God bless you!

Dr. Robert A. Rohm

Dr. Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D.

Dr. Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D.

Top selling author and speaker, Robert Rohm Ph.D. is founder of Personality Insights Inc. and The Robert Rohm Co. As you will see, Dr. Rohm specializes in helping people better understand themselves and others.