Tip: A dull pencil is better than the sharpest mind!


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Tip:  A dull pencil is better than the sharpest mind!

Most of us have a lot going on in our life and mind every day.  It seems that the world is spinning faster and faster all of the time.  With the use of computers, cell phones, iPads, iPods and all of our other gadgets, it is hard to keep our minds focused for long periods of time.  Because we live in such a fast-paced world, it is just humanly and physically impossible to remember everything that we have to do.  I have discovered a method that helps my mind stay free and “clean” so I can focus on whatever is coming up next in my life.  It is the simple method of writing things down and making lists.

Let me offer two suggestions for doing this that I have found to be extremely helpful.  As a matter of fact, everyone with whom I have ever shared this (and who has actually done it), has said that it is one of the best things they have ever done.

First, get a pack of 3 x 5 cards and put them in your car.  Almost every vehicle has some sort of little pocket either in the console or on the door where you can store them, but it needs to be a place that is easily accessible.  You will need to store a pen or pencil along with it.  Then, if an idea occurs to you as you are driving down the road, reach for one of your 3 x 5 cards and jot down the idea.  (WARNING:   Never take your eyes off the road while you are doing this!)

I have trained myself to keep looking straight ahead while I do this and you can learn to do it too.  Just jot down enough information so that you will remember what your idea was until the next time you stop.  Safety should be our first concern, but I have found that having easy access to a piece of paper and being able to capture my thoughts in the moment helps me to process better and to keep ideas flowing.

My second suggestion is to get a small notebook that you can keep in your back pocket or purse.  (Some of you already knew I was going to say that.)  I find that I use this idea two or three times every day.  When you are heading to the grocery store, just get your little notepad and make a list of the things you need.  If you don’t make a list, you will more than likely forget at least one item you wanted to get.

When you are running errands, write down where you are going and group the errands together.  Nothing is more frustrating than to realize that you forgot to do something while you were on one side of town after you’ve already driven to the other side of town!  So, write them all down and group them into some sort of order so that you save time and eliminate the need to run back and forth all over your city.

Everybody I meet lives their life with some kind of pattern.  If you live with order and organization, you are more productive and less stressed out.  If you live in disorder, you are likely to be constantly frustrated because of something you forgot to do.  And, it is all so unnecessary!  There is no reason to be stressed out and frustrated when there is a simple solution to keeping up with your daily to-do list or your daily routine.

Everywhere I turn, I hear someone saying they are trying to simplify their life.  Well…nothing does it better than a pack of 3 x 5 cards and a little pocket notebook.  So, if you don’t have those at your fingertip, just make yourself a note to pick them up the next time you are in a place that sells them.  Then, put the cards and a pen in your car and the notebook in your pocket or purse and you will be all set!

These are just two of the hidden secrets for success that I will share with you for now.  After all, if I tell you everything today, I’ll take all the mystery out of life, won’t I?  Ha-ha!  Have a great week jotting down your good thoughts and ideas! It really does help life to go a lot better. I promise!

Tip:  A dull pencil is better than the sharpest mind!

Have a great week!  God bless you!
Dr. Robert A. Rohm


Dr. Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D.

Dr. Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D.

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