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Price reduction announced for teen and child disc profiles


Huge 33% Price Reduction Announced for the Teen EXTENDED Version!

Extended version originally $59.95, Now only $39.95   (concise versions are $12.95)

About the EXTENDED Teen version:

This special teen version of the Discovery Report personality test (assessment) is what we call our “Get Real” version. The report that is highly accurate and easy-to-understand. The Discovery Report is based on the results of an online personality test (assessment) that will take you only about 15-20 minutes to complete online.

The full length version provides 57 pages of feedback. The report is divided into four sections – one section for the teen, one section for the teen’s parents, one section for the teen’s teachers and one section with career-related vocational information. This career aspect of this report is great for teens trying to figure out their strengths and what kind of career to choose.

View Teen Extended Sample Report

About the CONCISE Teen version:

The concise version of the teen Discovery Report provides 12 pages of feedback including an introduction to DISC, words that describe you, your strengths, keys to excellence, your value on a team, communication tips and your personality graphs.

View Teen Concise Sample Report

Free Bonus: Career Interest Explorer

A free bonus allows teens to use a special “Career Interest Explorer” tool online that will allow them to narrow down a list of careers that they are interested in according to their personality. The career list can be saved for later reference. Careers can be researched by clicking on links which we have organized. There is no extra charge to use the Career Interest Explorer. This resource works with any Discovery Report access code.

View the Career Interest Explorer Page

DISC Profiles and Personality Assessments for Teens

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