Want to train and motivate your team?

The DISC Model of Human Behavior is so helpful for any team. The key to teamwork is understanding each other in order to work effectively together.

You have many options to help your team including:

  • All of your team members can take an online DISC personality assessment and obtain feedback in a Discovery Report that will outline each person’s strengths, keys to excellence, value on a team and more (learn more or buy now)
  • Watch a video (DVD) for an introduction to the DISC Model of Human Behavior by Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D. (learn more or buy now)
  • Invite a certified Personality Insights Human Behavior Consultant to conduct a live session with your team (contact us for a recommendation)
  • Invite Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D. to conduct a live session with your team (learn more about Dr. Rohm here)

Live training options are almost endless. We have a large variety of topics we can train on and we can customize a session for your organization.

Online resources for your team include Discovery Report DISC Profiles as well as all the bonus resources such as Team Charting that is discussed further below.

team charts for disc profiles

It’s like having X-ray glasses to see your team!

What if you had X-ray glasses and could see your team’s strengths, needs and interaction dynamics?

What if you could reduce conflict?  Improve co-operation? Reduce turnover? Boost morale?

Discovery Report DISC profiles and team charts give you the tools to do just that.  You can help your team reach their full potential and accomplish the following:

  • Learn the strengths of each member
  • Understand TEAM dynamics
  • Discover each team member’s personality traits
  • Identify personality clues that can help build better communication
  • Visualize your TEAM composite chart for at-a-glance understanding
  • Learn what motivates each member
  • and more…

The free DISC profile Team Charting Tool is available to be used with every online Discovery Report DISC profiles. See your team like never before!

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