Spotlight: JJ Brun, Executive Master Trainer


Jean Jacques “JJ” Brun, known for his unique blend of directness and conscientiousness, epitomizes the DC style in DISC personality profiling.

His journey with DISC began in 1999 while serving in military intelligence, leading to an epiphany about his impact on others and the power of understanding different personality styles. This realization transformed his approach to relationships, both personal and professional, and was a pivotal moment in his career transition from the military to founding DHC Training Solutions. JJ’s company, Decoding Human Capital, focuses on applying the DISC model to enhance communication and understanding in various settings.

Renowned for his content-rich teaching style, JJ emphasizes the importance of discovery, experience, and application in learning. His approach, shaped by years of training and real-world application, resonates well in both academic and corporate environments. JJ credits the DISC model with profound personal and professional transformations, including strengthening his marriage and enhancing his training programs. His journey from being a self-described person who “didn’t care” to one who deeply values and understands others’ communication styles illustrates the profound impact of the DISC model. Through his work, JJ has not only witnessed but also facilitated significant changes in many lives, emphasizing the importance of celebrating differences rather than merely tolerating them.

JJ is an Executive Master Trainer in association with Personality Insights, Inc., and certifies Consultants and Master Trainers around the world.

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Dr. Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D.

Dr. Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D.

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