Robert Rohm

Limited Seating Event! Featuring Dr. Rohm live and in-person!

Don’t miss this chance to get personally coached by a World Renowned Speaker…Dr. Robert A. Rohm!

Receive instruction directly from Robert Rohm, Ph.D. and several of his seasoned MASTER TRAINERS. Be sure to watch the videos below! Questions? Call 770-509-7113.

Dr. Rohm explains the idea behind Speakers Boot Camp

Speakers Boot Camp Testimonials

Do you…

  • Have to give presentations for your job?
  • Dread speaking in front of a group?
  • Want to be a powerful and effective communicator?

FEAR of public speaking is the #1 fear – second only to death by fire!

Speakers Boot Camp is a fear buster! In it you will discover:

  • Prepare convincing presentations
  • Plan the elements of dynamic presentations
  • Practice makes perfect
  • Personalize for the people in your audience
  • Presentation tips and techniques
  • Persuade for action

Warren Buffett was once asked what was the one missing ingredient in his financial education that looking back he wish he had known how to do better. He answered in two words, “Public speaking!” This event will meet that need in your life and future business!

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