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Warren Buffett's #1 Tip for a More Successful Life

Invest in yourself – one easy way to become worth 50% more than you are now at least is to HONE YOUR COMMUNICATION SKILL, both written and verbal. If you can’t communicate, it’s like winking at a girl in the dark…nothing happens. You can have all the brain power in the world, but you gotta be able to transmit it, and the transmission is communication. 

Our public speaking classes will take you to a higher level!

Do you . . . 

Have to give presentations for your job?

Dread speaking in front of a group?

Want to be a powerful and effective communicator?

Standard Rate

Our public speaking classes will help you:

  • Prepare convincing presentations
  • Plan the elements of dynamic presentations
  • Practice to make your delivery perfect
  • Personalize for the people in your audience
  • Present using proven techniques
  • Persuade for action

FEAR of public speaking is ranked our #1 fear (second only to death by fire)! Conquer fear of public speaking and actually enjoy it!

Dr. Rohm explains the idea behind Speakers Boot Camp

Speakers Boot Camp Testimonials

Speakers Boot Camp is a Limited Seating Event consisting of 3 days of public speaking classes! Featuring Dr. Rohm live and in-person! Don’t miss this chance to get personally coached by a World Renowned Speaker…Dr. Robert A. Rohm!

Receive instruction directly from Robert Rohm, Ph.D. and several of his seasoned MASTER TRAINERS. Be sure to watch the videos below! Questions? Call 770-509-7113.

Warren Buffett was once asked what was the one missing ingredient in his financial education that looking back he wish he had known how to do better. He answered in two words, “Public speaking!” This event will meet that need in your life and future business!

What people are saying about this training . . . 


This course has been a turning point in my career, the valuable feedback and guidance I received in these 3 days will pump my speaking career up for the next 30 years!
~Cheryl-Ann W.

For anyone looking to be transparent about areas in their skill set that are great but not excellent this is an opportunity to receive direction, encouragement, and personalized instruction to take my game to a whole new level.
~ Gordon M.

This program challenged me and propelled me further than any other public speaking or development program I have ever attended. I learned that I have what it takes to make it and believe in my ability and trust my destiny.
~Lisa L.

High caliber training and coaching that is honest beneficial.
~Yetta D.

Speakers Boot Camp will help you move to the next level if you are ready to embrace the information, make the decision, believe in yourself, just do it.
~ Wendy G.

I have been speaking/teaching for over 30 years of my life. This is the first time I have presented for an evaluation of the presentation. My experience with the team and the Personality Insights philosophy showed me this would be safe place to come for training and improvement. I appreciate the time of all the judges.
~Fred W.

It was excellent
~ Lefty M.

I highly recommend this program to any speaker or organizational leader- novice or experienced. Well worth the time and cost.
~ Michael N.

Having attended another speaking training…this was the best! Insights for a complete presentation. You cover anything in everything!
~ Luann H.

Safe, positive, edifying, honestly high standard, funny and fun.
~Dave O.

I spent 5 years in Toastmaster, and they taught me how to prepare a presentation. In 3 days you have shown me the importance in how to present to teach the 4 behavior styles.
~ John C.

This is a program loaded with nuggets of truth, training, insight, edification and mentorship. Looking forward to seeing and participating in its development.
~ Willard P.

It was an awesome experience! The PI staff is the greatest!
~Michele M.

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