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Showing to Close – Online Training Pathway


Discover relationship principles that will help you adapt your presentations and close more sales – whether you’re in real estate, automotive sales, or any other business where you have products or services to sell, Showing to Close will help you increase your sales numbers and customer satisfaction.

This training is taught by Dr. Robert A. Rohm, PhD., the foremost expert on human behavior.

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Communicate With your Customers' Needs and Close More Sales

Make sales more fulfilling and financially rewarding by better understanding how to communicate with your customers. In this training, Dr. Rohm, the foremost expert on human behavior, teaches you how to develop award winning communication skills so that you can develop happier customers close more sales.

Build more effective relationships and have better interactions with people so that you can see the value with each person you come into conact.

This training is primarily designed for real estate agents and groups, however, it is also very valuable for anyone in any kind of sales who are learning how to improve their sales.

In this training you will learn:

  1. Showing to your customer’s priority – rather than to your own priority!
  2. Let your customer determine your presentation!
  3. Keys to Closing the Sale with each different personality style
  4. Persuading words for all types of customers (words to use and words not to use) and more…
  5. Recognizing basic priorities in the decision making process for each personality style

Learn to Speak a Whole "New Language"

Understanding the DISC Model of Human Behavior will help you to better understand your customer’s priority, rather than your own priority, so you can close more sales.

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  • Gain a better understanding of yourself and your customers
  • Improve the quality of your customer’s experience
  • Grow your sales and new customer referrals

Access Training from Anywhere in the World

Join this live virtual class through your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

(though we recommend that you attend on a desktop computer or laptop for an optimal experience)

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