Presenting with Style


This book was created to help you excel as a high touch presenter in a high tech world.” Nothing happens until something is sold.

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A collaborated effort between Tony Jeary (Mr. Presentation) and Dr. Robert Rohm (World Class Communicator) this book is a must for those who do presentations of any kind whether that is sales or public speaking. Most people have little or no training in the art of delivering a convincing presentation. Every presentation, from sales to seminars, has common elements. We have collected these common elements into what we call the 6 P’s of Presenting with Style. Prepare, Plan, Practice, Personalize, Present and Persuade. One chapter is dedicated to each “P” and we have included one additional chapter containing some items for you to consider after each presentation. You will also find other valuable tips for becoming a better presenter. Some of the tips refer more specifically to sales, some more specifically to one-on-one presentations, and some more specifically to group presentations. Whatever your specific application, read every tip. You are sure to find things that will help you improve your presentations.