How to Build a Stronger Team Using DISC e-Booklet


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This is an e-booklet version which is provided as a link PDF file.
This is *not* the physical booklet version.

The How to Build a Stronger Team Using DISC e-Booklet version is used for remote training led by an authorized Human Behavior Consultant.

What You Will Learn:

This guide is designed to help you learn how to better understand different personality styles. When you understand how people are wired differently, you can spend your time creating a productive environment rather than living in one filled with stress and frustration.

It will also help you identify ways to encourage other team members with your WORDS for greater productivity and better relationship. This information will help you become the very best YOU that you can be!

Get ready to unlock your own potential and gain new insights to help you achieve greater fulfillment in every area of your life.

How access to the e-Booklet works:

  1. You order the quantity you need for the number of people you want to share the e-Booklet with.
  2. Check your email inbox as our system will email you a single link to your e-Booklet. Please save the email, because that is the only place your link will be provided. The link will not appear in your downloads section of your account. Again, the link you need will be emailed to you within 1-10 minutes after you place your order.
  3. You can then share that same link with the number of participants up to your license limit. Licenses are good for up to 1 year. If you reach your quantity limit or your time limit of 1 year, then you’ll need to purchase another license with more credits. License terms are listed below.

Recommended setup to use the e-Booklet:

  •  PC or Mac computer or laptop (not a phone or a tablet) for best viewing.
  • Use the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and use the PDF format electronic document. Reader is available for free here: https://get.adobe.com/reader/
  • If using an Internet browser, use Google Chrome available for free here: https://www.google.com/chrome/.  Mac users are also encouraged to use Google Chrome as most Mac computers use Apple’s default browser which is Safari which does may not support all the needed features in some cases.

Electronic License Terms:

  1. This electronic form of the e-Booklets may be purchased only by current Personality Insights consultants.
  2. Your purchase authorizes you to use the e-Booklet up to the number of people based on the quantity of e-Booklets you purchase.  For example, if you purchase ten (10) e-Booklets, then you will be authorized to share the file with 10 participants using the specific link that is provided with your order.
  3. Your purchase authorizes you to only share the document for up to 1 year. You may not distribute the file after the expiration date, as the license for that document will no longer be valid. The expiration date will appear on the PDF document.
  4. The PDF document that you gain access to may not be shared in PDF file form. Only the link may be shared.
  5. Users/participants will be authorized to print ONLY 1 hard-copy for their own personal use.
  6. The PDF document cannot be posted online for public access.
  7. The PDF document and link cannot be resold, shared or redistributed by end users.
  8. The PDF document and link cannot be resold via any automated means online by consultants. Distribution of the link must be directly by the consultant (such as you emailing the link  directly to the participant for example).
  9. All copyrights apply to the PDF document, thus no content may be reproduced or shared beyond the provisions of these terms.
  10. Consultants who order this electronic document agree to protect the copyrighted material and assume responsibility for the distribution of the content per these terms.

Note: This is an ELECTRONIC PDF VERSION – NOT the hard copy version. The hard copy is located here if you need that instead.