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Certified DISC Profile Analyst (CDPA) Training Online (Sales)



Lead and read others better.

Get Certified as a DISC Profile Analyst / Specialist!

BONUS: FREE DISC Profile (Direct Sales Version) is included in your CDPA purchase! ($59.95 retail value)

100% online DISC training video course by the certification leaders. Self-paced. Offer your own DISC assessment and DISC personality profile tools. Low cost.

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 This course will train you to be a Certified DISC Profile Analyst!

  • Are you excited about the amazing DISC Model of Human Behavior and about the power of using DISC profiles for your organization?
  • Do you know at least a little about DISC, but really want to gain deeper understanding to get the MOST out of the DISC profile tools?
  • Do you prefer a self-paced step-by-step online course format?
  • Do you want to be more capable in coaching, leading and helping others using DISC profiles?
  • Are you serious about becoming an expert?
  • Are you on a tight budget?

If so, then this online video course is designed specifically to equip you to understand DISC even more and to skillfully administer assessments and interpret all of the results in detail.

We will walk you through the details that you really need if you are going to truly be an expert in administering DISC profiles as a specialist.

You will learn the following:

  • The DISC Model of Human Behavior
  • How to administer DISC personality assessments
  • How to help users to understand and apply their DISC profile report
  • How to skillfully explain each page of the adult DISC profile reports (concise, standard, extended and leadership DISC profile versions)
  • How to read DISC personality graphs in detail
  • How to create team charts for groups

Contains over 5 hours of video content including:

  • Introduction and objectives
  • The DISC Model of Human Behavior – Part 1 – Overview of the Model
  • The DISC Model of Human Behavior – Part 2 – The D and I Style
  • The DISC Model of Human Behavior – Part 3 –  The S and C Style
  • The DISC Assessment
  • The Concise Adult Version (6-pages)
  • The Standard Adult Version, Part 1
  • Personality Graphs – The Standard Adult Version, Part 2
  • The Extended Adult Version (50-pages)
  • The Leadership Version (65-pages)
  • Coaching and Consulting
  • Team Charts

You will have access the video training course for 1 full year and work at your own pace.

BONUS: A FREE DISC Profile (Direct Sales Version) is included in your CDPA purchase! ($59.95 retail value)

$197.00Add to cart

How does this Certified DISC Profile Analyst (CDPA) course Compare with Level 1 DISC Certification Training from Personality Insights, Inc?

The Level 1 DISC Certification Training is a full 2 day instructor-led course by a Master Trainer that is in a “train-the-trainer” format (offered live and online). It covers the DISC Model of Human Behavior as well as many training resources so that you are equipped to then train others using booklets, handouts, booklet based personality assessments and PowerPoint presentations etc. In other words, you will be certified to train others in all of the resources that you are trained in. As a result, you will be certified as a “Human Behavior Consultant” in association with Personality Insights, Inc. with access to consultant-only training resources at wholesale (40% off).

Learn More About Level 1 DISC Certification

The Certified DISC Profile Analyst (CDPA) Course is an online self-study video course. It offers specialist type training that is FOCUSED SPECIFICALLY on the online DISC profiles. This course does not contain any content from the Level 1 DISC Certification course nor does it qualify you as a Human Behavior Consultant to gain access to consultant only products. This course is primarily designed to help you to understand DISC and the online profiles content to be proficient in administering and debriefing DISC profiles.

This training is designed to equip those who already use or are planning to use the Branded DISC Profile Service

To be clear, you are not required to subscribe or be subscribed to the Branded DISC Profile Service to take this course. However, the idea is to train you to skillfully use that tool set. The  Branded DISC Profile Service is a turn-key system which will allow you to offer your own branded DISC profiles online featuring your own cover page graphics and contact information. You will also have a complete back office for easy administration as well as a branded store page if you want to sell your profiles online to earn a commission on every sale.

Our course even covers coaching and consulting if you using DISC profiles as a way to offer professional services to generate revenue.

Ready to become a Certified DISC Profile Analyst?

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The CDPA course offers a cost-effective way to gain skills toward DISC certification by mastering the DISC assessment and DISC profile tools. You will always have the option for full Level 1 Certification in the future.

If you are looking for the cheapest DISC certification course, then this is certainly a pathway to achieving your goals by learning to use your go-to tool set: a DISC assessment and a DISC profile. We build the course on learning the behavioral model as a foundation. So, you will be learning from the ground up. No fluff. Just solid understanding to offer real value to your clients or users.

You’ll have the CONFIDENCE and CREDENTIALS to properly administer DISC profiles.

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