Adult DISC Personality Profile, Concise / Mini Version (6-pages), English Discovery Report

Adult DISC Personality Profile, Concise / Mini Version (6-pages), English Discovery Report



The Discovery Report adult concise DISC profile is our most popular cost-effective assessment that will help you understand yourself better.

You will receive a complete online DISC personality assessment that takes only about 15-20 minutes to complete.  Upon completion of your online assessment you will have immediate access to your Discovery Report. The report is provided in a concise, 6-page format that contains very helpful insights. The report includes the following feedback:

  • DISC Overview and your personality blend score
  • Summary description
  • Words that describe you
  • Your strengths
  • Keys for excellence to be your best
  • Your value on a team
  • Detailed personality graphs

Taking a DISC assessment is a great first step to unlock the mystery behind understanding yourself and learn to connect better with others. You will be able to see the exact levels of each of your D, I, S and C personality traits.

You can view a sample Discovery Report concise adult version here.

Do you know your strengths and blind spots?

You may be familiar with “personality tests.” However, this is not really a test, because you can not fail. There are no right or wrong answers – just your individual preferences. Please note that, even though this is the concise version of the Discovery Report, the online assessment is the same full DISC assessment that we use for the standard and extended versions of Discovery Report.

You can also upgrade upgrade to the 50-page Discovery Report Extended Adult version for the difference in price if you want the extended version later. In fact, you don’t have to take the assessment a second time to upgrade! See product code 3005 for details on the upgrade code option.


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