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What is the school program? It is more than a DISC profile and training solution!

As you know … DISC is a life transforming concept! So how do you get DISC into your school?

Personality Insights, Inc. is now offering a deeply discounted school program. It includes DISC training and personality assessments developed by Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D. It is the easiest way to help everyone to understand themselves and others better. We provide video training modules to introduce everyone to the DISC Model of Human Behavior. We also provide you with a complete online DISC profile solution so every person can take a personality assessments and receive a profile report that identifies his or her personality traits and strengths. There are DISC profile versions available for children, teens and adults.

DISC profile site license for school program

Looking for online school ideas and curriculum during Covid?

DISC can help everyone cope better during the added stress of these unique times.

What is the benefit of the school program?

When everyone understands and speaks “DISC,” they will have a common language to create a positive, healthy learning environment. As you know, DISC is a total “eye-opener.” Therefore, students, teachers, administrators, and parents will learn how to appreciate each person’s strengths and areas of motivation. The results:

  • Increasing sense of value and acceptance of each person
  • Less conflict and more cooperation in the classroom AND at home
  • Better learning outcomes
  • Less discipline issues
  • Healthy communication that uses non-judgmental language to address behavior

What does it cost?

Prices start at only $2400 for smaller schools. You save 25% on DISC profile versions for adults, teens and children. You also get training which would normally cost over $5000 by itself that is included FREE as well. Of course, we are aware that schools are on a tight budget! That is why we priced the school program cost at about $6.40 to $9.60 per person depending on the size of the school (number of participants who need a DISC profile).

How do you sign up for the school program?

You can signup below. If you are not quite ready but want to secure these prices, then you can select the option to put down a deposit.


DISC Profile Site License for Schools




Our DISC profile and training program helps encourage students, parents and teachers to work together to create a positive, healthy learning environment so everyone can work better together.

“… a potentially invaluable addition to any teacher’s toolbox, something to use when other approaches seem to fall short.” – The Dallas Morning News

DISC Profile Site License Program for Schools

We are super excited to announce the DISC Profile Site License for Schools! It is a discounted program for qualified institutions that includes:

  • One full year of service.
  • DISC profiles for the registered location
  • Access to profiles for adults, teens and children.
  • Live phone support from our experienced and helpful staff.
  • Two group training sessions for orientation on DISC – delivered remotely. Each session is 1 hour with 30 minutes of optional Q&A.
  • A complete back-office system for account administration of the profiles.
  • Access to Dr. Rohm’s PBS Special video presentation on The Model of Human Behavior (online).

The educational organization/location must be verified and approved by Personality Insights to qualify for this program.

What is DISC and how can it help?

The DISC Model of Human behavior is a simple way to understand basic behavior in any person. A DISC assessment is a multiple-choice survey which reveals a person’s personality style. The resulting DISC profile report can help students, parents, and teachers to connect better with each other in order to:

  • Discover each person’s strengths
  • Improve communication
  • Reveal areas of motivation
  • Lower the stress levels in the classroom and at home
  • Help each person to grow in areas that may be “blind-spots”
  • Encourage a positive atmosphere for learning and growing
  • Bring out the best in each person
  • Foster acceptance and inclusion based on understanding one another

DISC is the easiest way to help everyone get along better which leads to better outcomes in every other area as well.

Have questions?

Feel free to call us at 770-509-7113 or contact us online here

Additional information

School size (maximum participants)

$100 Deposit Only, 100 Participant Package, 250 Participant Package, 500 Participant Package, 1000 Participant Package, 3000 Participant Package, 5000 Participant Package

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