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Tip: Remember The 5 Keys To Effective Problem-solving!

Tip: Remember the 5 keys to effective problem-solving!

I recently heard Herman Cain being interviewed on one of Atlanta’s local television stations. He…

Tip: If You Don’t Get A Miracle, Why Not Become One?

Tip: If you don’t get a miracle, why not become one?

From time to time I read the story of Helen Keller’s life because it is…

Tip: Non-reactionary People Impress Me!

Tip: Non-reactionary people impress me!

One of the most difficult challenges each of us faces on a daily basis is…

Tip: It’s Better To Be A Grownup Than To Be An Adult!

Tip: It's better to be a grownup than to be an adult!

Occasionally it is important to differentiate between certain words or concepts. In this week’s Tip,…