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Tip: Life Isn’t Fair – Fair Is A Carnival!

Tip: Life isn’t fair - fair is a carnival!

I have a good friend who is a school principal in Utah. He does a…

Tip: Is What You Are Doing Worth What It Is Costing You?

Tip: Is what you are doing worth what it is costing you?

I think it is very important to take a moment to ask ourselves a serious…

Tip: Whoever Has The Most Information And The Most Patience, Always Wins!

Tip: Whoever has the most information and the most patience, always wins!

Recently I was listening to Dave Ramsey as I was driving in my car. Many…

Tip: Be Responsive, Not Reactive!

Tip: Be responsive, not reactive!

Many of us get overwhelmed with life from time to time. We all have so…