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Looking for ways to improve as a trainer, business coach or consultant? Looking to add DISC personality profile services to your tool set? We can partner with you in several ways according to your goals.

Want to Build Your Brand?

You may be looking to operate independently with a focus on building your own brand. We have solutions that will allow you to leverage our tools while you remain front and center as the solution provider to your clients. We have the ability to “white label” or customize our products for your use, featuring your brand.

Want to BOOST Your Credentials?

Would you like to leverage the Personality Insights brand name and reputation? We have over 20 years of experience that you can benefit from if you want to become officially associated with Personality Insights. You will gain access to exclusive training resources, and you will be able to use our logos along with your own.

Want to Offer DISC Personality Profiles and Online Tools?

Have you considered offering DISC profiles to your clients? DISC profiles are a great addition to your tool set that can significantly enhance your existing services.

Want to Offer More Training Services?

Perhaps you are interested in offering training services to your clients or to your industry or organization. We are one of the few companies who has the ability to take training on-site or deliver keynote speeches on many soft-skill topics.

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