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Have a Teen?

It is likely that you are looking to help your teen with direction or self-confidence. We understand – that’s why we have developed resources just for teens!!

Teenage years are a challenge – for the teen and for the parents. So, our resources are designed to help and encourage both of you. The idea is simple – your teen has strengths and preferences, and it would help everyone to identify those areas.

children are a blessingHave a younger child?

Children ages 5-12 are “trying out” their personality style on a daily basis. Whether you have a sweet, quiet child, or whether you have a rowdy, energetic, non-stop child, you can better parent him or her by knowing more about what makes them tick.

Personality Styles Matter. You can …

  • Adjust your parenting style to better meet your children’s needs.
  • Enhance communication between you and your children.
  • Reduce common areas of conflict.
  • Create an atmosphere of encouragement and cooperation in your home.

Recommended Resources

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