Branded DISC Profile Service
Custom DISC Profile Solution

Get 25 FREE DISC Profiles
($323 retail value, new accounts only)

Promote YOU and YOUR brand exclusively!

Offer DISC Profiles on your website or social media!

Overview of Branded DISC Profile Service:

Included Resources:

  • 25 FREE DISC profiles at signup
  • Branded Store Page
  • Branded Profile Assessment Page
  • Branded Team Charts
  • Branded Interaction Reports for 2 people
  • Marketing Videos
  • A complete Back Office online
  • Live phone support (yes, with a real person)

Just add your logo and go.

Customized White Label Solution with YOUR Branding

This is one tool that can help EVERY person you work with. And, best of all, you can customize the look and contact information that your users see.

The Branded DISC Profile Service is a complete solution that allows you to:

  • Highlight your brand (logo, cover page graphic and contact info)
  • Provide fully automated online personality assessments
  • Easily manage your account with a simple back office Resource Center
  • Have a ready-to-use store page of you want to sell profiles online
  • Gain access to free bonus tools (team charting for groups and InterACTION Guides for any two participants)
  • Make a big impression on your clients with a professional and positive tool
  • Be up and running in one business day without any technical coding involved
Your Account Includes:
  • 25 FREE DISC profiles at signup (concise adult version valued at $323 retail)
  • Customized look with your own logo graphic, your cover page graphic and your contact info.
  • A complete set of profile versions for adults, teens and children
  • A simple, ready-to-use eCommerce solution to sell profiles on your website
  • A fully automated system for access code delivery and report processing for your clients
  • A back office Resource Center to access client reports, create team charts and update your settings online.
  • Wholesale pricing on all DISC profile versions

Feature Overview

New Coaching Services You Can Provide to a Client:
  • A complete personality assessment
  • Identification of your main strengths
  • Review of keys to excellence
  • Review of your value in a team environment
  • Tips on how others can best work with you
  • Understanding your motivation and behavior
  • Understanding your communication style
  • Understanding your decision-making style
  • Insights for professional growth
  • Insights for long-term development
  • Tips for effective communication
  • How to lead others
  • What to emphasize with others
  • How to relate better with others
  • Recognizing in-control vs. out-of-control behavior
  • Review of your personality graphs
Additional Specialized Coaching Services:
  • Using DISC concepts as a Leader (using the Leadership Report version)
  • Job matching analysis for hiring and role alignment
  • Team analysis for improved team dynamics (team charting tool)
  • Custom interaction guides for two people to work more effectively together
  • Adapting your leadership style for maximum results
  • Reading others – using observation to find clues to connect better
  • Stress potential analysis – how your environment aligns with your personality
  • Fitness motivational insights and tips – working with yourself instead of against yourself

The Top 10 Reasons You will LOVE the Branded DISC Profile Service

  1. You will have 25 FREE DISC profiles at signup ready to use! (concise adult version valued at $323 retail)
  2. The profiles feature YOUR brand, YOUR company graphics and YOUR contact information, not ours. In fact, your company logo is placed on EVERY page of every report to maximize your brand visibility.
  3. Your profiles will be positive and easy-to-understand for your users.
  4. The system is EASY to administer so you can change your settings or monitor activity in real time.
  5. You get great customer service! If you have any trouble, you are not alone. We will help resolve any issues in a timely manner.
  6. You will enjoy great pricing! You can obtain reports at wholesale pricing ranging from 25-40% off of retail. Insights Institute graduates get 40% off, and non-graduates get 25% off.
  7. You can rest easy with our proven system that thousands of companies have used.
  8. You have access to marketing copy and a marketing video to help promote YOUR reports.
  9. The system is fully automated so your reports can be sold and delivered instantly online, 24 x 7.
  10. You will have free access to our very popular Team Charting tool that will allow you to chart groups of users for at-a-glance views of any team.
Get up and running in 1 business day with 25 FREE DISC profiles!

The Branded DISC Profile Service is designed to be easy to setup and easy to use. We can have your account live usually in 1 business day. You can choose the Monthly Plan or the Yearly Plan in minutes and then you can provide us with your logo if you have one. Even if you don’t have a logo, we can still get your account live while you are working on that. You will be able to update your logo, cover graphic and contact information at any time after your account is setup. Please ask for expedited service if you need 1-day setup. Normal setup time is 1-2 business days depending on the back-log of new signups.

Have Questions?

You can learn all about the service by reading through this page. But, feel free to contact us if we can help you. If you would rather talk on the phone then you can call us at 770-509-7113 (M-F, 8AM-5PM EST). If you want to email us, then click the button below to use our contact form. We will get back with you right away.


For a limited time we are offering 25 FREE DISC profiles with new accounts (a $323 value, concise adult version).

You are not required to be certified by Personality Insights in order to begin using this service. If you are currently certified with Personality Insights or have a qualifying DISC certification then you will receive a 40% wholesale price on profiles. Otherwise, the wholesale price on profiles will be up to 25% off. We recommend the yearly saver plan as it is by far the most popular option. Setup will require about 2 business days depending on the backlog of adding new users. If you need your setup expedited, just let us know. We have you setup the same day. If you have questions, please read the information on this page first. There is even a Q&A section at the bottom of this page.

The retail value of the bonus is more than the cost to signup, so get started today.

Motivate and Coach Others More Effectively

Motivating and coaching others effectively requires understanding them and what makes them tick.

Online personality profiles are the easiest and fastest way to gain a basic understanding of a person. Quickly find out how they are motivated, what their strengths are, how they communicate and make decisions and much more.

DISC Profiles are the easiest approach to personality styles.

Are DISC personality profiles in your toolbox? If not, then you are missing out on valuable insights that can help you lead and serve others with much more understanding and clarity.

Ready? Pick a plan below:

All plans have the same features. Get 25 FREE DISC Profiles (a $323 retail value) when you signup.

Pro Tip – Our Annual Plan is the most popular choice: The 25 free profiles cover your cost on the annual plan, and the annual plan has no setup cost – making it the most popular choice. In other words … it costs less to signup for this service and get 25 free DISC profiles than it would cost to simply purchase 25 DISC profiles at regular retail. PLUS, you’ll get wholesale pricing on profiles to lower your cost on profiles going forward.

Offer is for a limited time only. All plans may be cancelled at any time.

Monthly Plan

$29/mo. + $199 one-time setup (First month FREE)
$ 29
  • Profiles are purchased individually at wholesale as needed. No purchase minimums apply.
  • (Setup fee is non-refundable)

Yearly Saver Plan

$290/year. FREE setup! (equal to $24.17/mo)
$ 290
  • Profiles are purchased individually at wholesale as needed. No purchase minimums apply.
  • (Non-refundable in the first year)

3-Year Bargain Plan

$684 covers 3 years. FREE setup! (equal to $19/mo)
$ 684
Covers 3 Years
  • Profiles are purchased individually at wholesale as needed. No purchase minimums apply.
  • (Non-refundable in the first three year period)

You will get access to ALL these profile versions:

  • Concise Adult Version (6-pages) –  YOU GET 25 FREE WITH YOUR NEW ACCOUNT!
  • Standard Adult Version (30-pages)
  • Extended Adult Version (50-page)
  • Leadership Adult Version (63-pages)
  • Direct Selling Adult Version (50-pages)
  • Hiring Insights for Job Matching (6-pages)
  • Fitness Report Adult Version (19-37)
  • Teen Concise Version (12-pages)
  • Teen Extended Version ( 57-pages)
  • Child Concise Version (8-pages)
  • Spanish Concise Adult Version (6-pages)
  • Spanish Adult Version (30-pages)
  • French Adult Version (30-pages)
  • French Concise Version (6-pages)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: What plan should I choose?
A: Both the Monthly and Yearly plans have all the features – the only difference is whether you prefer to pay monthly or yearly. The yearly and 3-year saver plans have free setup (a $199 savings) and they also have a price break compared to the monthly plan. About 80% of our users choose the 1 year saver plan.  ALL PLANS qualify for our current special for new accounts which is 25 FREE concise adult DISC profiles (a $323 retail value).

Q: Can I change plans after I get started?
A: Yes. You can change plans. Setup costs are non-refundable.

Q: Can I see a sample branded report?
A: Sure! Click here to see a sample of the 50-page Extended Adult Version – and be sure to try out the navigation menu that will show up on the left-hand side of the report.

Q: Do I need a website to use the service?
A: No, a website is not required. We provide a “portal” link for you that you can use as your main assessment page. Users will view their reports at a service website – personalityservice.com.  If you do have a website, then we provide the code for you to place these resources on your site if you wish.

Q: How do I put my logo, cover graphic and contact information on my branded report?
A: After you sign up, we will provide a link to a setup form. You will be able to setup an account, upload your logo, your cover page graphic and enter your contact information. We can help you if you need assistance.

Q: How long does it take to get my branded reports setup?
A: It takes 1 business day in most cases. After you fill out the initial setup form, we go through your account and finish the setup and final configuration. We will test your settings to make sure that everything is working fine.

Q: Why is there a setup / activation charge of $199?
A: Keep in mind that the setup fee is only on the monthly plan (not the annual or 3-year saver plans). The setup/ activation charge helps to cover our time and expense to finish your account setup and test it. It also helps cover our time and expense to provide “jump start” phone service. Yes, that means that we provide live phone support to help make sure everything goes smoothly for you. Others charge upwards of $750 to $1500 as a setup fee. We did not think that was necessary, but we also needed to charge something to cover our costs.

Q: Can I make money with this service?
A: Yes! You can offer your reports for sale either by retail sales online or business-to-business. If you choose to sell retail online, then you are required to offer your reports at the suggested retail price. If you sell the reports business-to-business, then you can choose your own resale price. Either way, you can earn a profit on the margin. Many people offer a value-added service where a personality profile report is just part of a package. In that case, you can bill your clients any way you wish while obtaining your branded reports online at wholesale as you need them. So, for example, you may offer a consulting service package that includes a personality report for $295. In that case, the charge for the personality report is not itemized – it just become part of your value-added package.

Q: What is my wholesale price / commission rate?
A: It  will either be 25% or 40%. The standard wholesale rate is 25% off of retail. * Personality Insights Institute graduates get an EXTRA 15% discount which is 40% off. The same numbers apply to the payment of commissions on sales sold through your account at retail. We have a lot of people tell us that they are already familiar with the DISC system and they would like to use our service. Our goal at Personality Insights, Inc. is to be easy to work with. We believe that we offer the best training in the world when it comes to the DISC Model of Human Behavior. We are willing to let individuals start using this service with the anticipation that users will see the value of attending one of our training programs to better equip themselves and to better help his or her customers or clients! Again, graduates of our DISC Certification will receive a 40% off wholesale price, and non-graduates will receive a 25% off wholesale price.

Q: What is the unsubscribe and resubscribe Policy:
A: You may unsubscribe from the service at any time. You can also restart the service anytime for only $99. Setup and activation charges are non-refundable. A prorated refund will be given on annual plans only.

Q: Can I change my logo later on?
A: Yes! You can change your logo anytime by logging into your “Resource Center”

Q: How does the e-Commerce feature work?
A: We provide simple links for you to use. We have our own merchant account and we provide buy buttons that you can use to sell your branded reports online. The entire transaction is automated. Access codes are delivered automatically. The money goes into our account. If the order was placed at retail, then we will pay you a commission on the order. If the order was placed by you at wholesale, then the transaction does not qualify for commission. Commissions are paid out at the beginning of each month.

Q: I already have an online store and merchant account, so can I use my own store?
A: Yes you can. In that case, you would need to manually fulfill orders by emailing access codes to your clients after they order. You can either keep a stock of access codes on hand from which to draw on, or you can order the access codes you need at wholesale as you need them. If you have the capability of automating the delivery of your pre-purchased access codes, then that is fine. Otherwise, our e-Commerce package has the automation built-in already to send access codes immediately after an order is placed.

Q: I want to sell service packages that include consulting plus personality profiles. Can I do that?
A: Yes you can. You may want to sell a value-added package a higher price than just the profiles. That is a common practice. For example, you might offer a Leadership DISC report plus 2 hours of consulting for $299. You could just use your own solution to provide buy buttons in any way you choose in that case. Thus, you would not need the e-commerce option (the Professional Plan). You might consider using something simple like PayPal to create the buy buttons. That would allow for a scenario such as this:

  • Your client would buy your special the package (services plus profiles) for any price you set
  • PayPal would notify you of the purchase and the money would go directly into your PayPal account.
  • You would follow up by sending your client an email which would include instructions on how to proceed. The instructions could include an access code and link to take the online DISC assessment (at your branded start page that is provided through the service). You would be able to buy access codes at wholesale as needed to fulfill your orders.

You can see that this scenario requires that you be involved in the follow up process, but then you can tailor it however you like. You can even automate the process if you are technically savvy or you can get someone to help you setup a system to automate the process.

Q: Who owns the rights to the content and graphics in the branded reports?
A: All content is property of Personality Insights, Inc. and DiscoveryReport.com. Some graphics that we use are licensed to us. However, in no circumstance will the content of the branded reports become your property, nor should that be implied. You are simply using our service to provide our content to your clients with your branding. Appropriate copyright notation is provided in the reports to indicate that the content is, in fact, subject to copyright laws.

Q: Are the teen and child personality reports included as part of this service.
A: Yes they are. The teen concise and extended versions are available. The child concise version is also available.

Q: I don’t really care about the branding part of this service, but I am looking for a way to save money on personality profiles. Why should I use this service?
A: If your company already uses personality profiles, then this service is likely to give you 1)  superior personality reports 2) better wholesale pricing and 3) an easier way to procure and administer your profiles. We would be happy to talk with you about it. You can reach us at (770) 509-7113.

Q: What languages do you support?
A: We have versions English, French and Spanish. If you need personality profiles in another language, please contact us.

Choose a Branded DISC Profile Service Plan OR feel free to contact us!