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Personality Insights Presentation Content – Terms-of-use and Copyright Policy

Revised and Updated June 16, 2022

In general, all copyrighted content by Personality Insights, Inc. is protected under law and may not be used without express permission by Personality Insights, Inc. For example, content (images and text) from our website, booklets, books, online personality reports, DVD, flip charts and so on are all copyrighted and may not be used without permission.

Using Personality Insights, Inc. Logo’s and Graphics

Many people have asked us about how to use the name Personality Insights, Inc., or how to use our company logos on their information. When you are in the consultant only section of our website; www.personaltiy-insights.com, click on logo’s and graphics and you will see different logo’s or graphics available.

It is permissible to use our company name and logo as long as your information reads: “In association with Personality Insights, Inc.”

We want our Master Trainers and Consultants to be identified with us – we just want to do it in a way that is both fitting and proper. We are grateful to have a wide network of people and companies using the Personality Insights, Inc. brand and products. However, we need to be able to keep separate, clear lines of business activities regarding all our products in order to avoid any confusion with customers or potential clients. If you communicate you are in fact “in association with Personality Insights, Inc.” you will be in compliance.

The use of the logos and graphics is a Personality Insights consultant perk. You must be a current consultant, in good standings, and active with Personality Insights to use logos and graphics. To ensure that you are current you will need to renew you consultant status each calendar year.

You can renew your consultant status using this link: https://www.personality-insights.com/consultant-renewal

Our trained consultants have access to material such as PowerPoint and Keynote presentations that may be used according to the more detailed terms below.

The following terms-of-use apply to users of any presentation media content obtained from Personality Insights, Inc. such as consultant presentation CDs ( in PowerPoint, Keynote format) or the Consultant Presentation Pack (PDF format or various graphics formats). These terms also apply to all printed content and content located online at www.personalityinsights.com, www.discoveryreport.com, www.robertrohm.com and any other websites operated by Personality Insights, Inc.

  1. All copyrighted and trademarked content remain the intellectual property of Personality Insights, Inc.
  2. None of the original content may be removed or hidden when used in a presentation. In other words, all content on a presentation slide must appear unaltered when displayed to viewers.
  3. Users may add company logos or graphics to enhance a presentation slide as long as the original content remains unaltered (for example, you may add your company logo in one of the top corners of each slide). Altered slide presentations must be submitted to [email protected] for approval. Subsequent alterations or changes must also be submitted for approval. The purpose of this requirement is only to ensure the clarity and integrity of the information.
  4. The presentation material may be used by one presenter per license. If multiple presenters will be using the content (such as for corporate training), then a license must be purchased for each presenter (in the form of a CD or electronic download).
  5. Content may not be posted online for public viewing such as on a website, a blog, Facebook etc. Content may be posted on an internal corporate website that cannot be accessed by the general public.
  6. Content may not be transferred to any other user in any form (no file sharing or embedding in any format). You may need to transfer a file to another audio/visual technical person for them to display content for a live presentation (such as on a screen on a stage), but that would simply be a temporary use of the material for your use only. The other person should not retain the content for any purpose.
  7. Content may not be used in altered or slightly modified form to create new logos or company graphics.
  8. Content may not be used in material that is resold in any form or re-licensed in any manner without an extended license agreement. An extended license agreement would be required for each use case of the material. Please contact Personality Insights if you are interested in an extended license.
  9. Any use of individual graphics such as are contained in the “Consultant Presentation Pack” must be clearly given copyright credit when used. The copyright credit must be clearly legible with this wording “Copyright Personality Insights, Inc. – under license”
  10. Subscribers who do not comply with these terms-of-use will be required to cease use of all content upon notification by Personality Insights, Inc.
  11. Purchases of media content are non-refundable after receipt of order unless return conditions are expressly agreed upon with Personality Insights before the time of purchase.
  12. Content may be used by licensee for a period of 1 year from original purchase/license date after which a new license will be required for continued use.
  13. When using any Personality Insights copyrighted information (such as graphics, copy, logos, symbols, videos etc.), please include the statement “In association with Personality Insights, Inc.” in a manner that is clearly visible.

These additional terms-of-use apply to users of materials provided in Level 1 (Basic) DISC Certification Training:

  1. Any use of Personality Insights information must be approved by the Atlanta office of Personality Insights, Inc. (770-509-7113).
  2. Only (you) the Certified Human Behavior Consultant/Accredited Trainer has the privilege to use the following- All of the 2 Day DISC Behavioral Studies Level 1 Booklets– Adult Profile Assessment, Fun-book, Individual Personality Dynamics, Interaction Dynamics, Presenting with Style, and DISC Advantage
    – Personality Insights Style Analysis (Blue Score Page)
    – Making Sense of Your People Puzzle
    – Name Tags
    – Power Point Presentations
  3. Reminder: due to copyright laws you must purchase assessments individually and not copy answers
  4. Always give credit to the author and your source of information.
  5. It is illegal for you to sell clips or portions of movies, videos, songs for a paid presentation with-out express consent from the copyright holder.

These additional terms-of-use apply to users of materials provided in Level 2 (Advanced) DISC Certification Training:

  1. Only (you) the Certified Human Behavior Consultant/Accredited Trainer has the privilege to use the materials provided in your Level 2 class.

Terms-of-use subject to modification by Personality Insights, Inc. at any time without notice.
Current terms-of-use will be maintained at on this web page
or may be obtained by request from Personality Insights, Inc. at (770) 509-7113

All Personality Insights consultants are expected to handle Personality Insights, Inc. copyrighted material with the highest level of ethical standards. Thank you for your kind consideration of our intellectual property. If you have any questions, or need clarification, please feel free to contact us here.

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