Learn to Complete, NOT Compete
in Your Marriage

It’s true that “opposites attract… and then opposites attack!” The very things that first attract us to our mates are their “opposite” qualities. When a couple completes the Personality Insights assessments, they can understand each other’s “wiring.” This information will help a couple to establish priorities and understand the areas in which the can complete each other, along with revealing some of the “potholes in the road” where they will tend to compete with each other.

DISC profiles are non-judgmental and help each partner increase his or her self knowledge:

  • How do I respond to conflict?
  • What motivates me?
  • What causes me stress?
  • How do I tend to solve problems?


Sharing this information with your spouse or partner is a powerful step. DISC also suggests ways individuals can adapt their own style to get along better with others. The goal of successful marriages is learning to complete, rather than compete. Whether he realized it or not, Rocky had discovered a profound truth, everyone has gaps. Whether we realize it or not, we are looking for someone to fill our own gaps, our own weaknesses. It is very helpful to know your mate’s gaps: your mate’s behavioral style.

Marriage and Family Counselors, and Pastors, are encouraged to attend our Certification & Training conferences to become certified in the use of our Assessment tools. Our office would be happy to discuss the use of these materials with counselors.