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Get Certified as a Human Behavior Consultant by Dr. Robert A. Rohm!

Get certified as a DISC Certified Trainer with Personality Insights and take your coaching or consulting business to new heights by helping individuals and businesses around the world to build better and stronger relationships.

April 28 & 29, 2024 - Live In-Person Training
8AM to 5PM Eastern

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Become DISC Certified in 2-Days

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Ask Your Questions Live During Class

Become DISC Certified in 2-Days

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Experience top level training from the #1 DISC TRAINER in the world!

Starting and growing a consulting business can be challenging when you aren’t connecting with people in the best ways possible. As a Certified Human Behavior Consultant with Personality Insights, you’ll not only learn the foundations of the DISC personality profiling system so you can better understand yourself and others, but you’ll also be equipped with the best tools to help individuals, couples, businesses and organizations, to build stronger personal and professional relationships.

Dynamic and interactive training from Personality Insights will help you become:


Become a Level 1 DISC Certified Trainer

Learn directly from the foremost personality expert in the world, Dr. Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D., and grow your consulting or coaching business by helping individuals, couples, businesses, and organizations, to better understand themselves and build winning relationships.

Learn POWERFUL Concepts and be TRANSFORMED

This 2-day event is specially designed to help you walk away with a whole new mindset to understand yourself and others better. As a DISC Certified Trainer with Personality Insights, you will gain access to a large library of training resources that will help you coach, train and lead others like never before.

Come join us and find out why Personality Insights is the world leader in DISC certification training!

Level 1 DISC Certification is for...

And anyone else wanting to HELP OTHERS to better understand themselves to improve their relationships!

As a DISC Certified Trainer with Personality Insights, not only do you join the ranks of thousands of other Heart-Centered Trainers, but you also...

Your Guide to Building a Stronger Consulting Business

Dr. Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D.

Founder, Personality Insights, Inc.

Dr. Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D., is a world renowned keynote speaker, bestselling author, and corporate trainer, recognized for his expertise in team building and human behavior. He uses a highly engaging combination of humor and illustrations to educate, motivate, and train his audience.

As the host of PBS Special, The Model of Human Behavior, Dr. Rohm’s material is proven to increase productivity and reduce conflict.

His message applies well for business and personal use. As a best-selling author, he has written or co-written over twenty books.

Over two million people around the world have experienced Dr. Rohm in live presentations, and thousands have been through his DISC certification training programs. The comprehensive 2-day program allows individuals to become Certified Human Behavior Consultants, which provides boundless opportunities to develop individuals and businesses to better understand themselves and others in order to build winning relationships.

His seminars are beneficial for corporations, small businesses, schools, churches, and government agencies, and the time-tested strategies work to improve results, lower stress, minimize employee turnover and dramatically improve communication.

Dr. Rohm is the founder of Personality Insights, Inc., and the Co-Founder of DiscoveryReport.com – the leading provider of cutting-edge online DISC personality profile assessments.

JJ Brun

Executive Master Trainer &
Executive Director of Distance Learning

JJ Brun is a seasoned Executive Master Trainer in the Model of Human Behavior in Canada and the President of DHC Training Solutions. As a Thought Leader within the field of Human Behavior, JJ has accumulated over 21,000 hours of practice. Combining his unique application of the Model of Human Behavior and his expertise in investigative interviewing, JJ provides the key strategies to recognizing what certain behaviors indicate and how to recognize and respond accordingly to the behaviors across cultures.

Since his first live experience of Dr. Robert Rohm’s teaching and Personality Insights, Inc. in the fall of 1999, JJ now draws on over 20 years of experience on how to apply the different products and services at Personality Insights. This enables him to bring clarity to his keynote presentations, live and virtual training, executive coaching, and consulting services.

Leaders and decision makers around the world turn to JJ to get them moving towards more effective communication.

Ensuring communication is clear right from the start, saves immense amounts of time and effort. Learning about the communication needs and styles of other people, recognizing and adapting to them, is the key to be a more effective communicator and leader. This ability is useful from the living-room to the boardroom, from casual conversation to conflict resolution conversation.

JJ is a multiple award-winning speaker, international best-selling author and a global leader in communication and relationship development. That commitment shines through in everything he does.

Your 2-Day Virtual Class Schedule

On the morning of Day 1 you will first Discover the Model of Human Behavior followed by a series of case studies in the afternoon to Experience the Model of Human Behavior come to life.

On Day 2 you will learn how to Apply to Model of Human Behavior and raise you PQ (Personal Quotient) level in order to gain greater results, personal recognition, develop powerful relationships and understand the reason why people do the things they do, both in business and in your personal life.

*** All times are based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA (Eastern) (Click here to convert to your local time)

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Join the Training in our Classroom...

Participate in our physical classroom, located in Atlanta, Georgia, and have a chance to spend extra time with Dr. Rohm outside of the class for lunch and dinner!

Livestream from Any Device

Access our 2-day LIVE training with Dr. Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D., founder of Personality Insights, Inc., from any internet-connected device at home or work.

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>>> Get $600 worth of Adult DISC Profile Assessments! <<<

Receive an additional 10 Adult Online Profile Assessments that are valued at $60 per report. Our Consultants have resold this report and their consulting for anywhere between $100 and $250 each – that’s up to a $2500 value!

DISC Certification Registration Options

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Monday, April 8th, 2024 at 5:00PM Eastern

Standard Registration

$ 3,497
Level 1 DISC Certification Training
  • Level 1 Study Book (Shipped to You!)
  • 1-year Membership as a Consultant
  • 1-year Support and Guidance to Help Grow Your Business
  • 40% Wholesale Discount of Products

*** VIP Registration ***

$ 3,997
Level 1 DISC Certification Training + Bonuses!
  • Level 1 Study Book (Shipped to You!)
  • Virtual Live Training February 22 & 23, 2021
  • 1-year Membership as a Consultant
  • 1-year Support and Guidance to Help Grow Your Business
  • 40% Wholesale Discount of Products
  • Private 1-hour Coaching Session with Dr. Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D. ($2000 value)
  • Access to Dr. Rohm's PBS Special on The Model of Human Behavior ($19.97 value)
  • Access to Dr. Rohm's PBS Special on Making Sense of Your People Puzzles ($19.97 value)
  • Access to Recording of the Training for Additional 30-days ($597 value)
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