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Resources for Legend Summit Attendees

Positive Personality Profiles Book

This book gives a basic overview of behavioral styles. It discusses identifying different traits and behavioral preferences for each style. This book provides a foundation for understanding the DISC approach to human behavior. It is written to edify people and give clear understanding on gifts, talents and effectiveness.

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DISCovery Reports and Profile Assessments

What are your chances of connecting well with another person? Did you know that two people have about a 40% chance of having a good personality match. Consequently, two people are likely to have built-in challenges relating with each other. Understanding each other’s personality style makes all the difference, and that is the basis for healthy communication. And, that is where a DISC profile comes in.

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Certified DISC Profile Analyst Training

Certified DISC Profile Analyst (CDPA) Online Training

The Certified DISC Profile Analyst (CDPA) Course is an online self-study video course. It offers specialist type training that is FOCUSED SPECIFICALLY on the online DISC profiles. This course does not contain any content from the Level 1 DISC Certification course nor does it qualify you as a Human Behavior Consultant to gain access to consultant only products.

This course is primarily designed to help you to understand DISC and the online profiles content to be proficient in administering and debriefing DISC profiles.

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Pathway Online Training

Online training programs designed for end users and Consultants to be trained through each of our booklets and e-booklets via online self-guided training.

From sales to parenting, and more, every Pathway is designed with specific teachings related to numerous topics.

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All-inclusive Events with Dr. Rohm in Cancun, Mexico

Hang out and learn with Dr. Rohm in Cancun, Mexico! Moon Palace Cancun is Dr. Rohm’s favorite place int he world.

When you attend an event with Dr. Rohm in Cancun, you’ll be treated to an ALL-INCLUSIVE EXPERIENCE with mouth watering food for adventurous eaters (picky ones, too!) at numerous restaurants, snacks, popsicles (Dr. Rohm’s favorite!), beverages, pedicures, manicures, massages, airport transportation to and from the resort, and much, much more!

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