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Leadership DISC Profile Report

This DISC personality profile is designed to help you lead effectively. Based on Dr. Robert Rohm’s easy-to-apply Leadership Model, this profile will enable you to lead other in way that fits your style and the style of the person you are leading. You will receive personalized feedback that is based on an online personality assessment. The report is clear and understandable, because it is writtin in a natural style that is positive.

Your Leadership Report includes “how-to” guides that provide specific ways to lead others according to their personality style.

The Leadership Version includes the following:

  • An introduction to DISC Model of Human Behavior
  • An introduction to Dr. Rohm’s leadership model
  • How to adjust your leadership style
  • Your personality style
  • Words that accurately describe you
  • Your main strengths
  • Keys for you to achieve excellence
  • Your motivational style
  • Your communication style
  • Your priorities & decision-making style
  • A chart showing your high and low traits
  • How you work on a team
  • Detailed leadership guides
  • Your personality graphs
  • Multiple application charts and reference guides
  • Personal review worksheet

Leadership by the Letter Audio CD

Dr. Rohm presents 10 principles to be an effective leader in this session. Glean some wisdom on what true leadership is all about in every situation.

Blessings and Cursings of Personalities CD & PQ Guide Packet

This eye-opening CD, presented by Dr. Robert A. Rohm, is one of the BEST PRESENTATIONS available on gaining success in life. Dr. Rohm teaches listeners the truths that will revolutionize the way people look and relate to life. He walks you through the blessings (principles for success) of each personality style by explaining the natural strengths and abilities of each one. He then highlights the curses (potential failures) and gives practical information required to remove potential pitfalls, stumbling blocks and blind spot areas in each style. THIS CD IS A MUST for anyone who is serious about wanting to develop practical patterns for future success.

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