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Online DISC Certification Training option

A word of welcome by Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D.:

“We have successfully trained and certified many individuals internationally. This program is led by JJ Brun. JJ has been developing and fine-tuning this program for years. Each participant will experience one-on-one interaction with Executive Master Trainer, JJ Brun, who will guide you through the entire program step-by-step.”

Here is some feedback from some of the recent participants:

  • JJ was fantastic, personable, patient and responsive. 
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions we shared.
  • I am impressed with the degree of accessibility offered and the flexibility of the program.
  • One of the best personal and professional development experiences I have done. 
  • This program has equipped me with a series of tools which I can effectively apply in my professional (teaching) and personal domains.
  • JJ was friendly, totally professional and able to add so much extra value from his immense personal experience.
  • This is a game changer!

The reason to share the feedback that we have already received is not to just brag on JJ…even though he has earned big time bragging rights! It is to prove that we got it perfected…an on-line Training Program version that really does work. That is why we are excited about the availability of this Online Training Program being offered for those individuals who experience travel challenges to get trained in Personality Insights materials.

Please review the following information regarding all of the details concerning the On-Line DISC Certification Program. 

Thank you!

Dr. Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D., President
Personality Insights, Inc.

On-Line DISC Behavioral Studies – Level 1: Train-The-Trainer Certification

Personality Insights, Inc. now offers an on-line version of the highly acclaimed Two Day DISC Behavioral Studies Level 1…Train-The-Trainer Certification.

If you and/or a colleague have an urgent need/requirement to receive the Personality Insights “DISC Accredited Trainer – Level 1” designation and be recognized as a “Certified Human Behavior Consultant” (CHBC)- in association with Personality Insights for your line of work…great news – now you can!!!

We have been working hard to find a solution to this challenge and have been able to scope, design and develop the on-line version for our highly acclaimed DISC Behavioral Studies Level 1 Certification. We have finally found the secret ingredient to keeping the high impact/high value experience of the on-site version of our training program. We can now offer to you, with great confidence, the same training on-line that you would receive in person for the DISC Behavioral Studies Level 1 Certification.

Here are the top 10 benefits to the On-Line DISC Certification program:

  • Participant will receive the complete training resource package which includes the comprehensive notebook/manual and Dr Rohm’s special gift package
  • Participant will receive personalized coaching & consulting throughout the sessions if and when required by the participant
  • Participants’ on-line program is flexible in order to match the participants work schedule
  • Saves travel expenses
  • Saves time away from the office
  • Saves hotel costs
  • Works with your schedule
  • Can be scheduled right away to expedite obtaining your credentials



Your investment for the on-line sessions is $2,997 USD per person (or $2,497 USD per person when there are 2 or more people in the class). The price *does not include* shipping the  hard-copy materials to your location (shipping is billed separately).

This will be the best online training you ever received – guaranteed!

How to Get Started:

To get started now for your personalized International Training Class just email JJ Brun at j[email protected] and he will coordinate with you.

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