Ever tried to figure out how to work with someone? Maybe you have even read articles on how to work with difficult people? The challenge that we often face is that we just can’t figure out how another person thinks. We don’t understand why they act that way. We ask ourselves, “why are they treating me that way?”

We have developed a practical tool that can help you work more effectively with anybody.

The InterACTION Guide is a DISC profile report for 2 people.  It will help you to understand yourself and someone else by reviewing the highlights of each of your personality styles.

It will help you to be able to see the strengths of your relationship by looking at traits that tend to go well together.

It will help you to be able to identify potential struggles in your relationship based on traits that tend to clash.

Most importantly, it will give you specific strategies on how to adapt to one another to leverage your strengths and overcome the struggles.

Who can use this free disc profile report? The InterACTION Guide is available for any two people who already have Discovery Reports (all Discovery Report versions will work). This report is primarily for adults, but it may also be used for teens and children. Combinations of any of the versions of Discovery Reports are valid. To clarify, you will need two valid Discovery Report access codes (one for each person). You can purchase Discovery Reports here in our store.

Want to see a sample?

This sample report will show you the format of the report you will receive

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Each person will need his or her Discovery Report access code

Need a Discovery Report?

If you don’t already have Discovery Reports for each participant, then you can purchase them starting at only $12.95 per person ($25.90 for two people). If you already have Discovery Reports, then you can access the InterACTION Guide now.