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The “D-Dominant” personality style …

“Heimlich Maneuver – Less talk. Make it happen.”

Video used with permission courtesy of the Royal Bank of Scotland.

The “I-Inspiring” personality style …

A seriously FAST talker!

Running length 3 minutes 40 seconds. Video by Great Big Story

Note by Dr. Rohm on this video … “Years ago I was in a mall in Dallas, Texas. I specifically went there to meet John Moschitta, Jr. I took two of my daughters, Rachael and Esther to meet him. John had done the Fed Ex commercial that we loved to watch on TV. It still is recognized as the most award winning TV commercial in the history of advertising. John was recognized as the fastest talking human in the world. I was attracted to John’s talking ability, but that was before I understood anything about personality information. Now it all makes sense. This video lasts 3:40 but it is well worth your time. Watch how doing something you love can make you rich! Come to training in 2018 and learn the secrets of using your personality to your own unique advantage.”

The “S-Supportive” personality style …

Watch what this sweet little boy does!

Length: 28 seconds

This is why we use the word “Sweet“to describe the “S” personality style! Shall we add “Soft-hearted” to the list also?! S-Supportive personality styles are reserved and people-oriented.

The C-Cautious Personality Style …

Get ready for the “Turbo Encabulator!”

Length: 0:1:49

This bogus 2-minute video is jam-packed with so much technical mumbo-jumbo that you’ll want to show it to your favorite “rocket scientist” friend. It shows a “High C” personality style (think Calculating, Cautious, Correct …) describe this made-up contraption in a fictional language of his own making. You won’t believe the price tag by the way!

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