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Go Deeper – Experience Advanced DISC Certification Training!

Personality Insights Institute

Are you ready to hone your skills and increase your ability to positively impact and lead others, develop even greater understanding and learn new ways to apply leadership insights in your life? Come experience what other professionals are “raving” about as being the best DISC certification training they have experienced for business and personal development!

To lead effectively, you must continue to grow and learn. You cannot rely totally upon past, or even current skills. It is necessary to consistently “sharpen” the tools of your leadership.

In this dynamic and in-depth training, you will discover:

  • How your personality type affects your leadership style
  • The how and why behind the way you do life
  • Strategies for building better teams
  • How to identify internal & external motivators
  • Secret insights into how to gain peak performance from team members
  • How to decrease turnover by hiring the right person for the job
  • How to create a healthy work environment
  • How to help reduce stress & conflict
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Level 2 will take you deeper into leadership

Level 2 DISC certification training will give you the ability to lead others through a more advanced set of training booklets on topics such as leadership. This valuable content will open doors of opportunity for you to train others. If you are assisting, coaching, leading or managing others – then this training will boost your ability to apply DISC concepts to bring out the best in any team. This training is also part of our DISC Master Trainer Program if you aspire to pursue our highest level of training.

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Interested in becoming a Certified DISC Master Trainer?

The Master Trainer Program is our most advanced level of certification. You will be able to “Certify” individuals with authority through Personality Insights, Inc., and provide Certification Training into the DISC Model of Human Behavior. Click here to learn more about the Master Trainer Program.

Master Trainer Affiliate Program

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