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This offer expired 4/17/20 at midnight EST.  The DISC Advantage e-Booklets ARE available at the regular price in the Back Office of your Branded DISC Profile Account

If you already have the Branded DISC Profile Service … you can purchase DISC Advantage e-Booklets in your back office now. The buy button is on the home page of your back office.

If you DO NOT already have the Branded DISC Profile Service … you can learn more about the service and/or sign up using the link below.

DISC Advantage e-Booklet


Here is what the training will include:

      • The 6 critical steps to develop a powerful “30 Second Infomercial” on how to connect and attract clients even in the toughest of economies
      • Techniques & Strategies on how to effectively use the DISC Advantage e-Booklet PowerPoint presentation to its fullest potential
      • Lessons learned on how to present like a seasoned professional on-line and why JJ selected the Zoom platform as his preferred Distance Learning platform
      • Bonus #1: The email templates that JJ uses to guide his clients in making an informed decision towards his programs (value $1000 – imagine what it costs to hire a copywriter!)
      • Bonus #2: A detailed timeline of events that you can follow for your pre-launch, launch, and follow-through (value $1000 – imagine how much it costs to hire a marketing manager!)
      • Bonus #3: A copy of JJ’s personal DISC Advantage facilitator notes (value PRICELESS – Dr Rohm often asks JJ if he has is booklet with him and uses JJ’s booklet notes during his training!)

Why is the the Branded DISC Profile Service needed?

You might wonder why this e-Booklet version requires that you use the Branded DISC Profile Service versus having access to it as a PI branded Discovery Report version.

The reason is that administration and ongoing client support is greatly simplified for the trainer.

Here is why:

  • You can see all of your participants results in your back office in one place. Otherwise, you would have to keep up with copying info out of multiple emails (one for each participant’s results) into a document. You’ll have access to a complete history of all your clients results. No more manual tracking.
  • You will get real-time alerts via email whenever a participant completes an assessment so you can make sure that everyone is ready for your online training session ahead of time. You won’t have to check each person’s access codes or ask people to copy you on anything or give special instructions to participants to let you know …
  • You can broadcast one email to your entire group in a matter of minutes with the same set of instructions for everyone (leverages what we call the “group code” feature). This is a big time-saver versus having to send out individual access codes to each person in the group by composing and sending an email to each participant. For example, if you had a group of 50 participants, you would otherwise have to compose and send 50 individual emails with 50 individual access codes. With the group code feature, that is simplified by sending out one email with a single link that can be used by the entire group.
  • You can control over when users see their results or have access to their e-Booklet. One of the options in the back office is to have all results sent to you instead of allowing users to see their results right away. Some trainers want this level of control to optimize the timing of when their participants start looking at the material.

Here is a table to illustrate the benefits at a glance:


Discovery Reports

Branded Reports

Back office No Yes
Real time alerts No Yes
Single link to all participants No Yes
Option to send results only to admin No Yes
Branded (shows your logo and contact information) No, shows Discovery Report (PI) Yes
Branded Team Charts No, shows Discovery Report (PI) Yes
Branded Interaction Guide No, shows Discovery Report (PI) Yes

How does the “Group Code” feature work?

The “group code” feature was created to make sending out assessment instructions to a group of people super simple.

Normally, a person would need a unique access code to start an online assessment. So, in order to send instructions to 50 people for example, you would need to send 50 separate emails each having a unique access code for each user. That can be quite time consuming and lends itself to copy/paste errors and so on.

A group code is a single access code that can be used by many users up to the number of credits assigned to the group code.

So, in the previous scenario with a group of 50 people, you would only need to broadcast ONE email with a single link in it for all 50 participants to use. Much easier! So, the  same set of instructions would apply to everyone. After each participant completes an assessment, the system will then assign a unique access code to that user, you will get notified and your user’s results will show up in your back office.

Group codes show up in your back office so you can know how many credits you have at any time. You can also add credits to a group code by simply buying more credits.

If you have ever worked with large groups taking online assessments, this feature is a real time-saver in addition to keeping everything organized.

Do the e-Booklet group codes expire?

No, they do not expire. You can use them anytime in the future.

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