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2023 Renewal is for Level 1 & 2 DISC Certification graduates

Get a FREE PowerPoint Presentation of your choice when you renew!


Consultant Renewal for 2023


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Renewal Bonus:

Get a coupon for a FREE PowerPoint of your choice (a $160 retail value). Present like a pro! Choose from over three dozen presentation options.

Plus wholesale pricing, exclusive access to resources and more for 2023!

Read about the bonus package below or click on the “Add to Cart” button to renew now. Wholesale pricing and consultant-only resources are only available to renewed consultants. Simply renew to keep or regain access for all of 2023.

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Choose from THREE DOZEN PowerPoint Presentations!

Professional graphics to help make your next presentation a HIT!

bonus powerpoint presentation

2023 Renewal Benefits!

  • WHOLESALE pricing for the entire year and keep your active credentials with Personality Insights, Inc.
  • BONUS GIFT COUPON: Get a FREE PowerPoint/Keynote presentation ($160 retail value) in the PI online store
  • Get exclusive access Dr. Rohm’s video training in 2023
  • Access to consultant-only resources on the website. 
  • Be the first to hear about new products before they are announced or promoted to the general public!
  • Ongoing access to answer keys for PowerPoint training presentations (located in the consultant-only area of the website).
  • Qualify to attend refresher training for any training you have previously attended at the refresher rate.

Renewing keeps you connected to all of the great resources that will help you train clients remotely ONLINE.

disc consultant

Use these online resources to provide services remotely:

  • Use PowerPoint presentations that can be delivered via Zoom.
    Remember, you get one FREE GIFT PowerPoint presentation of your choice when you renew !
  • Provide online DISC profiles (Discovery Reports or your own Branded DISC Profiles)
  • Provide debrief / coaching sessions using the DISC profiles
  • Conduct DISC Advantage sessions using the e-Booklet version
  • Conduct Funbook sessions using the e-Booklet version

$97.00Add to cart

Did you know that the bonuses more than pay for renewal?  (a $160 retail value) 

All consultants need to renew for 2023 in order to have wholesale pricing and the other benefits listed here. Non-renewed consultants will not have access to wholesale pricing or the consultant only area of the website that would include consultant-only products, archived webinars, presentation answer keys etc.

Did you already renew for 2023?  If so, then you do not need to renew now and you are all set.

Did you attend any Personality Insights certification training or renew between October 1 – December 31, 2022?  If so, then you do not need to renew now and you are all set.

Bonus coupons will be available to use anytime through the end of 2023 in our online store when you make a purchase using your consultant log-in credentials. The coupons can not be exchanged for products, used for cash value or be given to non-consultants to use. In other words, they are for you to use in the online store anytime before 12/31/2023.

By renewing, you agree to the following statement:

I agree to use Personality Insights, Inc. resources in accordance with all applicable copyright laws. I agree to not represent myself as an employee or official agent of Personality Insights, Inc. I agree that I may represent myself as working “in association with Personality Insights, Inc.” and thereby will conduct myself with high ethical standards. I agree to continue to uphold any code of conduct policy that has previously been established with me in conjunction with training that I have received by Personality Insights, Inc. in the past. I acknowledge that DiscoveryReport.com with all of its related content and services are the intellectual property of Personality Insights, Inc.

Go for it! Renew with the premier community of DISC experts in the whole wide world (including Antarctica if Dr. Rohm ever visits there)!

$97.00Add to cart

If you use the Branded DISC Profile Service … then keep in mind that this is completely separate. Renewal with Personality Insights is on a calendar year basis and is for your benefits with Personality Insights, Inc. along with wholesale access to resources on the Personality Insights online store. The Branded DISC Profile Service will renew automatically based on the plan you signed up for (monthly or yearly).

If you are a currently DISC provider and use training materials from other companies … that is fine … you may still renew as a consultant with Personality Insights, Inc. for 4 compelling reasons:

1) We offer the best live training to equip you to be effective. How can you learn about interaction with people and their behavior by looking at a computer screen? Live training changes lives and is essential for real life personal growth.

2) We offer the best products and curriculum that your clients are looking for… team building, conflict resolution, successful interaction …

3) We offer the best online DISC assessments and profiles in the world, because our reports are 100% positive to encourage personal growth and development.

4) We are the most stable DISC provider having been in business for over 30 years without changing ownership during that time.

Don’t let your consultant status fade into the sunset … You have already invested in yourself and have a valuable credential as a Certified Human Behavior Consultant with Personality Insights, Inc., so why not keep your consultant status active? More importantly, we hope that you will continue to share this helpful information which, as you know from personal experience, changes people’s lives in a big way!

$97.00Add to cart

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