Renew for 2018 and get two discount coupons worth more than the cost of renewal!

Renewing as a consultant each year keeps your wholesale account active and current and gives you access to the consultant-only area of the PI website!

You can renew anytime, but, if you renew now, you will get these bonuses that you won’t want to miss.

2018 Renewal Benefits Include:

  • WHOLESALE pricing for the entire year
  • Qualify to attend refresher training for any training you have previously attended at the refresher rate of $597.
  • Ongoing access to answer keys for PowerPoint training presentations (located in the consultant-only area of the website).
  • BONUS COUPON #1: $30 off  your next purchase of $100 or more in the PI online store
  • BONUS COUPON #2: Get a FREE Leadership Discovery Report when you buy one in our online store (two for the price of one).
  • Access to new and improved consultant-only resources on the website. 
  • Be the first to hear about new products before they are announced or promoted to the general public!
  • Get access Dr. Rohm’s webinar series “Rohming with Dr. Rohm!” The webinars are archived in the “consultant-only area” of the website, and you will have access to those resources that cover a wide range of topics.
  • Access to Dr. Rohm’s Video Life Tip Bonus Sessions which are video segments recorded just for consultants only. These special videos are not available to the general public.


All consultants need to renew for 2018 in order to have wholesale pricing and the other benefits listed here.

You do *not* need to renew for 2018 if … you already have renewed since October 1, 2017 or if you went through Level 1 training since October 1, 2017.  Consultant renewal with Personality Insights is in January each year. We always have kept the price low and have included bonuses that make it worth it for you to stay connected with us.

Non-renewed consultants will not have access to wholesale pricing or the consultant only area of the website that would include consultant-only products, archived webinars, presentation answer keys etc.

If you have a Branded DISC Profile Service account … please be aware that renewal as a PI consultant is separate from renewal for the Branded DISC Profile Service. That service is for branded DISC profiles and its associated back-office Resource Center only. It is setup as an independent/separate service from PI so that you can offer DISC profiles under your own brand on a separate website. If you subscribe to the Branded DISC Profile Service, then your renewal is handled automatically based on the type of plan you selected (monthly, yearly or every 3-years). You will be notified by email before your automatic renewal takes place so you can always update your payment info or make changes to your account. So, renewing as a PI consultant gives you wholesale pricing and access to the consultant-only resources at while renewing with the Branded DISC Profile Service gives you access to your own branded DISC profiles at wholesale and the back-office features that come with it. Learn more about the Branded DISC Profile Service here.

Don’t miss out … as a reminder, you will have access to the archive of “Rohming with Dr. Rohm” personal success webinar series that contains great information from Dr. Rohm as well as other successful consultants. You will also have access to the PowerPoint Answer Keys, the Video Life Tip Bonus Sessions, upcoming training booklet coaching sessions by Dr. Rohm and other helpful consultant-only resources.

The retail value of the discount coupon bonuses is $119.95 – more than the cost to renew, so renewal is a no-brainer again this year! Renewing now will give you these extra bonuses, so don’t delay. Remember, bonuses are being offered for a limited time only. 

Discount coupons will be available to use anytime in 2018 in our online store when you make a purchase using your consultant log-in credentials. The coupons can not be exchanged for products, used for cash value or be given to non-consultants to use. In other words, they are for you to use in the online store anytime before 12/31/2018.

Note: Bonus coupons may not be used to purchase private branded DISC profiles. The coupons will only work for placing orders in the Personality Insights’ online store.

By renewing, you agree to the following statement:

I agree to use Personality Insights, Inc. resources in accordance with all applicable copyright laws. I agree to not represent myself as an employee or official agent of Personality Insights, Inc. I agree that I may represent myself as working “in association with Personality Insights, Inc.” and thereby will conduct myself with high ethical standards. I agree to continue to uphold any code of conduct policy that has previously been established with me in conjunction with training that I have received by Personality Insights, Inc. in the past. I acknowledge that with all of its related content and services are the intellectual property of Personality Insights, Inc.