Offer New Professional Services
with Credibility and Confidence as a

Certified DISC Profile Analyst!

Quickly learn how to use a DISC assessment and a DISC profile in person or online (such as with Zoom).

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New Year. New Skills.

1. Add a way to create more income
Offer new professional services as a coach or consultant

2. Receive certification as a DISC profile analyst
Proudly display your new qualifications as an analyst

3. Boost your confidence and credentials
Help others even more using your new skills and knowledge

Looking for more opportunities and new skills to help people in person or remotely? If so, then you NEED to become a DISC expert!

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Become a Specialist in DISC assessments and DISC profiles

You will learn the following:

  • The DISC Model of Human Behavior as taught by Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D.
  • How to administer DISC personality assessments
  • How to review DISC profile reports with others
  • How to skillfully explain the content and concepts on each page of the profile reports
  • How to read DISC personality graphs
  • How to leverage your skills in coaching and consulting
  • How to leverage a complete DISC profile system with your own logos and branding (optional)

Objectives for the Certified DISC Profile Analyst Course

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Contains over 5 hours of insightful video content including:

  • Introduction and objectives
  • The DISC Model of Human Behavior – Overview of the Model
  • The DISC Model of Human Behavior – The D and I Style
  • The DISC Model of Human Behavior –  The S and C Style
  • The DISC Assessment
  • The Concise Adult Version
  • The Standard Adult Version – Part 1
  • Personality Graphs – The Standard Adult Version – Part 2
  • The Extended Adult Version
  • The Leadership Version
  • Coaching and Consulting

This training is perfect for those who want to use the Branded DISC Profile Service

You are not required to subscribe to the Branded DISC Profile Service to take this training. This course will, however, train you to skillfully use that tool set. The  Branded DISC Profile Service is a turn-key service which allows you to offer your own branded DISC profiles online that feature your own cover page graphics and contact information. The service includes  a complete back office for easy administration. It also includes a branded store page so you can offer your profiles online to earn a commission on every sale.

This course will help you to use DISC profiles as a way to offer professional services to generate revenue if you so desire.

This course will teach you SO much about personality styles that will help you!

Ready to become a Certified DISC Profile Analyst? Ready for new skills and new doors of opportunity? Make it happen! Sign up today!

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$250 | On sale $197

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