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Maybe we can’t get you a World Series ring, but we can help everyone on your team be more productive AND happy in their work!

We have the knowledge, experience, tools and resources to help you and your team understand how to work better together. Our proven methods can help you to achieve more by identifying and leveraging the strengths that you already have that may be largely untapped – just waiting to boost your business.

Our complete Ultimate Discovery System provides solutions through the use of:

  • On-site personal development training by Dr. Robert Rohm and his staff.
  • Custom personality profiles for your staff – including individual and team reports to unlock your team’s potential and give you the edge in hiring, placement and retention.
  • Result-oriented tools developed in-house and refined over 20 years to help you significantly improve in areas such as sales, time management, cooperation and productivity.

productive and happy at work

We use a distinctly positive approach to offer insights in areas such as communication, decision-making, motivational tips, leadership skills and strategies on how to handle difficult relationships.

We believe in what we do, and we believe that you will find our appoach to be refreshing, positive and practical – unlike anything you have ever experienced. Led by formost personality expert, speaker and author, Dr. Robert Rohm, Personality Insights can help you in ways that your entire staff will embrace and enjoy! Imagine that!

With 20 years of proven results, we know how to deliver. Click here for a brochure about Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D. which includes presentation options.

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world series ring robert rohm

Suppose this World Series Ring is REAL?

In 1996, Dr. Rohm was hired by the Arizona Diamondbacks professional baseball team to help draft potential players by personality style. In his initial meeting with Joe Garagiola, Jr., the General Manager for the Diamondback organization, Dr. Rohm told him, “I only have one request. When the Diamondbacks win the World Series, I want a World Series ring.” Joe Garagiola laughed and said, “When we win the World Series, you will get your ring!” Well, guess what? In 2001, the Diamondbacks won the World Series, and they won it faster than any other team in baseball history! AND Dr. Rohm got his ring! True to their word, the Diamondback organization sent Dr. Rohm a World Series ring! The words on the ring in pure gold read… “FASTEST EVER!”

Why not use the same resources that helped take the Arizona Diamondback baseball team from an idea … to the World Series Champions FASTER than any team in baseball history! 

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