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Please note that the Affiliate Program is for Personality Insights Certified Consultants only. 

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Details about the Personality Insights Affiliate Program:

  • First of all … we hope you find that the PI Affiliate Program is easy-to-use and profitable for you.
  • The main idea is that you can earn commissions for referrals (people you send through your special referral link) to the Personality Insights store who subsequently make a purchase.
  • Commission payouts are processed monthly with checks typically being sent out the first week of the following month.
  • Purchases made through your affiliate link are tracked and credited to your account and are visible in the Affiliate Area (accessible on your My Account page of the website)
  • The affiliate system will give you credit for subsequent visits by your referrals when they do *not* use your referral link for a period of up to 60 days. This is done by using cookies and will only work if the client has cookies enabled on his or her system. Please note that the only way to ensure you get credit for a purchase by someone  is for them to use your affiliate link directly. Your link can be provided to them by email or by placing it online on your website or social media site.
  • We can credit your account for a referral purchase if your referral makes a purchase without your link – provided you let us know within 2 weeks of the purchase date. This may apply for example, if your referral calls their order into our 800-509-3472 number.
  • Referrals do not qualify for any extra discounts. They will see retail pricing as usual.
  • Training and training events are not eligible for commission.
  • Purchases made at wholesale are not eligible for commission (for example, if two people with wholesale accounts refer each other).
  • If you have a wholesale account, you cannot earn commissions by using your own referral link (earn commissions on your own purchases).
  • Participation in the Affiliate Program is optional and limited to current PI consultants who have renewed for the calendar year and to select PI partners.
  • We reserve the right to disable affiliate accounts that place affiliate links on websites with objectionable content or on sites that are gray-listed or black-listed by reputable DNS services.
  • Customers who are referred through affiliate links are treated like regular PI customers, except that you are paid commissions on purchases that they make provided our system is able to automatically track them via the referral code in the link or via cookies set on their computer from a previous visit.
  • We are currently offering the PI Affiliate Program as a free service on an as-is basis.
  • PI does not guarantee any profitability through the PI Affiliate Program nor is PI liable for any claim of lost revenue or damage through the use of this system.  Affiliates are encouraged to use the Affiliate Area to monitor referrals, payout statistics and conversion results in order to maximize their potential for success.
  • The software being used to manage the affiliate program is commercial software with a certain set of capabilities that we are not able to customize or modify. As such, we are able to offer one set of capabilities to all affiliates.
  • Service conditions and commission rates may be changed or updated. Please check back on this web page for significant service updates.
  • Please use the contact form on this website if you have any questions or feedback for us. We are interested in your input!

Quick Reference Guide to the Affiliate Area Menu – shown when you are logged in as an affiliate:

  • The “Affiliate URLs” link has your all-important “referral URL” which is the link to the website that will allow us to know that the referral is from you. Please note that if you try one of your affiliate URL links, and you are logged in as a consultant, then your wholesale pricing and your account-specific information will be displayed on your computer. That is normal, because you are logged in on the PI website.  Those who use your referral link on another computer will *not* see your wholesale pricing or your account information, because they will *not* be logged in with your credentials on their computer. So, there is no need to worry if you see your own info or pricing when you test your referral links.
  • The “Statistics” link show your payout info statistics
  • The “Graphs” link will show your referral visit activity for a selected period of time
  • The “Visits” link will show you specific visits including where they came from and whether they resulted in a sale.
  • The “Creatives” link will show you the available banners (graphics) and HTML code you can use on your website. This will allow you to send people to the store directly instead of the home page or to the Discovery Report area directly for example.
  • The “Settings” link will show you your current payment email and allow you to enable/disable referral notifications

How does an affiliate system work?

affiliate system diagram

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