About Personality Insights, Inc.

We are different.

Our name reflects our passion: “Personality Insights”

Over 25 years ago we began to observe that many companies who work with personality information had a clinical, analytical approach. That trend holds true even today. We saw a great need to communicate “personality insights” in a more helpful, personal and uplifting way. You will find that we are not just about information. We are about transformation based on better understanding ourselves and others.

Our approach is distinctly positive in orientation, because we are interested in building people to create stronger teams and stronger relationships. Wisdom is about applying insights in life, and we are committed to helping people gain new understanding that will empower them to improve.

If you are looking for resources that will make a positive impact in your personal or professional life, then we invite you to join our circle of friends who believe like we do. People helping people is always the best way to do life!

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