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Dr. Rohm PBS Special – 2 DVD Set

5.0 (3 reviews)


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This DVD set is great for:

  • A fun family event this weekend!
  • Small group activities and icebreakers
  • Professional training programs for an office staff
  • Team building activities
  • Personal growth and development


In this fun-filled, fast-paced presentation filmed before a live PBS studio audience Dr. Robert A. Rohm presents The DISC Model of Human Behavior. You will never see other people the same way again! Dr. Rohm has a knack for taking complicated issues and breaking them down into understandable concepts that will change your life for the better…forever! Get ready to laugh and learn!


In this presentation filmed before a live PBS studio audience, Dr. Robert A. Rohm helps you discover how to become a more effective communicator with everyone you meet. You will learn about the four different personality styles that make up the pieces of the People Puzzle: the way people tend to behave, their needs, their likes, their motivational style, and much more!

This DVD has a fun icebreaker game and exercise at the beginning of the video! This video is especially good for having a small group follow along with the included worksheet.

This DVD includes 2 of the the “Making Sense of your People Puzzles” worksheets. You can order more worksheets here if you want extra copies for more participants.

If you are interested in personal growth for yourself or for your group, then this is a must-have resource to promote understanding and more effective communication for better relationships and better results.

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3 reviews for Dr. Rohm PBS Special – 2 DVD Set

  1. Rachel Wilkerson

    I was with the Amway, Billy Florence, business for many years. I learned so much from Dr. Rohm and it has impacted my entire life ever since. I now want my staff to learn.

  2. Rachel Wilkerson

    Great information and real life applications.

  3. Rachel Wilkerson

    Great information and real life applications. Aside from the Bible nothing else has impacted my life like Dr. Rohm and his teaching

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