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Know your strengths.

Take a quick 15 minute DISC assessment to find out now.

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Want to offer DISC profiles on your website featuring YOUR brand?

Our Branded DISC Profile Service is a complete online solution to provide DISC assessments and reports to your users.
You get a complete back-office to make administration easy. Enjoy wholesale pricing, real time alerts and bonus tools such as team charting.

Special Offer: Get 25 FREE DISC profiles when you signup for new service ($323 retail value – concise adult version)!



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People and relationships are so important in your life! This free 4-part email course will help you learn about yourself and how to better relate with others. You will get an email each day in the 4-part series. The last email (day 4) will give you strategies on how to handle areas of potential stress and conflict. This course can be a real eye-opener. Di you struggle getting along with anyone? This course will help you to grow and work together with others. Learn about your strengths and why understanding personality styles is the key to better communication. And … it’s all free. Enjoy!

DISC validity and reliability

Get Access to Dr. Rohm's FREE 3-hour Family DISC Training

What would YOU do to get along better with your other members of your family?

You may have heard Dr. Rohm say this before, but just in case…The sole reason why Dr. Rohm started Personality Insights over 30-years ago was because…

He just wanted to get along better with his daughter, Rachael.

30-years later, Dr. Rohm still has amazing relationship with Rachael, as well as with his other three daughters, Esther, Elizabeth, and Susanna, as well as all of his 6 grandchildren, and, of course, his beautiful wife, April.

In this training you will learn:

✅ The DISC Model of Human Behavior and how it applies to everyone.

✅ How to quickly identify everyone’s predominant DISC style.

✅ Why every member has a tendency to act the way the do.

✅ How to better understand your child or teenager

✅ What motivates your children

✅ The learning styles and ideal environments for each child

✅ The DANGER ZONES that can cause drama in your household (and on the way to the grocery store…or just while standing on the sidewalk..)

Join our NEW online training!

1. Add a way to create more income
Offer new professional services as a coach or consultant

2. Receive certification as a DISC profile analyst
Proudly display your new qualifications as an analyst

3. Boost your confidence and credentials
Help others even more using your new skills and knowledge

DISC Personality Profiles
– build better teams! –

Get your very own personality profile by taking a 15 minute online assessment. You will have instant access to your report with positive feedback about your strengths and tips on how to relate to others and be more productive. We offer DISC profiles for adults, teens and children. Perfect for individuals, groups or teams. Developed by foremost DISC expert  Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D.
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Have an access code? Start your DISC assessment here:


Find out why THOUSANDS of consultants, leaders and business owners have gone through our training. We are the best at teaching you how to understand and work with people to build better teams. Our DISC profiles and certification will immediately give you a vast toolset that you can use right away.

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What is your leadership style?

Looking to rise to your leadership potential? You are in the right place to build stronger teams and  master effective communication. Our revolutionary leadership model will enable you to lower conflict and improve results.  A DISC Leadership Profile and personality test can shed light on your leadership style. As our friend Zig Ziglar always said, “See you at the top!” Learn more!

What are your strengths?

Know what your strengths are? What are you good at? Not sure? You can find out by taking a quick personality assessment that will reveal your traits that can be leveraged to be your best. DISC assessments can help you build better teams. If you want to grow and work together better with others, then this is your first step. Learn more!

Hiring Insights for Job Matching!

Hiring the right person for the job is not always easy. Our Hiring Insights assessment lets you find the right person to hire who will thrive in the environment of the position or role you are looking to fill. The result? Happier, more productive team members that enjoy their work. It is a simple process to add to your existing tool set for recruiting, hiring or building any team. Learn more!

DISC Certification Training
– equipping you to lead –

Looking for ways to lead better? Our unique DISC certification and DISC profiles will give you new credentials and new coaching tools so you can make a huge impact. Join us for an exciting live training class and join our family of Certified Human Behavior Consultants! Get wholesale access to our vast library of professional training resources. Ask about our early-bird specials!

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What Makes Us Different?

#1: We have a positive approach.

Personality Insights is dedicated to empowering people to improve personally and professionally through the use of sound teaching and helpful resources.

#2: We value PEOPLE.

We recognize and value the distinct, intrinsic worth each individual as being a creation of a loving God who desires healthy relationships with Him and with each other.

#3: We are here to serve you.

We promise to conduct ourselves in a way that communicates respect and a sincere concern for the well being of those we serve.

We would love to talk with you!

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